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RIT Global

Global Campus Programs

RIT has five international campuses in which a student can directly enroll. The campuses are located in Dubrovnik, Croatia; Zagreb, Croatia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Pristina, Kosovo; and Weihai, China. Students can enroll for a semester or academic year and special programming options are often offered during the summer or intersession terms. These campuses follow a similar academic calendar as RIT and the courses are RIT courses. Students will take classes alongside local students allowing them the opportunity to work in diverse teams. Students will pay RIT tuition and receive letter grades.
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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are designed by an RIT faculty member and are often project-based. The travel portion of the program is often short term and supplemented by on‑campus meetings or a formal class. Sometimes the travel portion of the course may take place outside of the term in which the students actually earn credit for the experience. These programs feature a high degree of faculty mentorship, hands-on experiences and a cohesive cohort environment. Students will pay RIT tuition and receive letter grades.
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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are facilitated by partner universities and organizations to enhance the variety of locations and course offerings available to students. They often offer opportunities for internships and broad-reaching cultural understandings. Students will pay the partner university’s rate of tuition and receive pass/fail grades.
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Exchange Programs

RIT has developed a number of partnerships with institutions abroad which allow our students to directly enroll for a semester in exchange for an international student coming to RIT. These programs are typically a semester in length, discipline specific, and offer a high level of cultural immersion. Students have the opportunity to develop career skills through intense language learning and intensive problem solving. Students will pay RIT tuition and receive pass/fail grades.
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