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RIT Global

There are four types of programs offered by RIT Global: Exchanges, Global Campus, faculty-led programs or affiliated. For detailed descriptions of these programs please visit the programs page. Exchange programs are RIT customized programs that are usually major specific. Global Campus programs take place at RIT’s international campuses located in Dubrovnik and Zagreb (Croatia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Pristina (Kosovo), and Beijing and Weihai (China). Faculty-led programs are completely designed and developed by an RIT faculty member, who leads a group of students on a program abroad. The location, duration and course offerings of the program depend on the interest and expertise of the faculty member. Affiliated programs are through RIT's partnerships with other universities and organizations to enhance the variety of locations and course offerings available to our students.

Due to the variety of program types available, the study abroad application will vary. In general, each student is required to register and apply on our study abroad database, the Compass. Students par­ticipating in an affiliate program may be required to complete a second, affiliate-specific, appli­cation. In addition, most students must: allow us to check their student conduct record, make an appointment with their academic advisors to pre-approve overseas classes and make an appoint­ment with financial aid to understand their financial aid options for the program. A study abroad advisor will walk each student individually through each of these steps which are detailed below:

  1. Your student will check out our website or the Compass for available programs.
  2. Your student will register on the Compass, the study abroad database system. This will add them to our e-mail listserv, allowing them to complete important paperwork, and keep the office informed of their plans.
  3. Your student will make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to understand the study abroad application process and obtain the necessary forms such as the Course Pre-Approval form and a Budget Worksheet for their program. Students can make an appointment by emailing or calling 585-475-4466.
  4. Your student will set up an appointment with their academic advisor, print course descriptions for all courses they would like to take abroad including a few extra as alternates. They will then take the course descriptions along with the Course Pre-Approval form (given by the study abroad advisors) with them to the meeting to discuss how the courses will count toward their degree.
  5. Your student will submit an RIT application to the program they wish to attend through the Compass.
  6. If necessary, students will complete their program specific application through the affiliate provider.
  7. Your student will make an appointment with their Financial Aid Advisor to review the Budget Worksheet and determine how much of their financial aid or scholarship can be used abroad. (In order to use financial aid, a student must take a full-time course load while abroad).
  8. Your student should drop off a copy of their acceptance letter and other required forms to the RIT Education Abroad office.
  9. Your student will attend a mandatory pre-departure meeting to learn about health and safety abroad, culture shock and other travel tips to prepare them for their journey.
  10. Your student will go abroad!
  11. When your student returns, they will attend the mandatory Global Engagement Seminar to reflect on their experience and learn how to incorporate their experience into their future career and job search.
  12. Three to four months after your student returns, they should check that their overseas transcripts have arrived and that their grades have been processed by the Education Abroad office.

In addition, the Essential Study Abroad Questions provides succinct answers to questions about choosing a program, academic credit, billing, financial aid and more.

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