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Incorporating international experiences into your graduate coursework gives you the chance to examine your field of study from a new perspective, meet global innovators and become a leader in a globalized work environment.

Specific graduate program requirements and limited traditional program options can making finding an international experience challenging for graduate students. However, with initiative and planning, you may be able to create an experience that will excite and challenge you.

Tips for Graduate Students

  • Talk to your academic advisor about how an international experience would fit into your academic program.
  • Consider non-credit options like language study, internships, participating in an international conference, teaching or volunteering. These provide more flexibility in cost, timeframe, and program features.

Options for Graduate Students

Affiliate Programs
Some RIT affiliate study abroad programs offer graduate level coursework (in limited disciplines).

  • Go to and login to the Compass to search programs. When searching, choose “graduate” as degree level.
  • Remember to talk with your advisor to make sure the program would fit with your academic requirements.

RIT Faculty-Led Programs

RIT offers many faculty-led study abroad programs each year. While the majority of these are focused on undergraduate coursework, graduate students may be able to participate. Upcoming faculty-led programs

  • Ask the faculty director if the program you’re interested in can accommodate graduate credit. If it does, check with your advisor to make sure it would fit with your academic requirements.
  • If graduate credit is not part of the program, check with your advisor or department: 
    • Could you participate and complete an extra project in order to earn graduate credit?
    • Could you use the study abroad program as the basis of an independent study course?

Research or Internship Abroad
Opportunities to conduct research or gain work experience through an internship are an excellent option for graduate students. Pursuing these opportunities does take planning and initiative. 

  • Ask your faculty contacts if they are doing any international research or know a colleague who is that may be looking for research assistants.
  • Add an international focus to your capstone, thesis or dissertation which you could explore through independent research and travel abroad.
  • Explore non-credit, unpaid internships through RIT partners like IES (, CIS (, or CIEE ( 
  • Remember to register your international research or internship with the RIT Education Abroad office.

International Fellowships
Prestigious and competitive fellowships provide funding for research or language study. Note that some may require applicants to be a U.S. citizen. 

Emai if interested in international fellowships. Search for more fellowships at