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General Interest

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Rochester Institute of TechnologyFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+
RIT NewsFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+
Alumni AssociationFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
Academic Affairs Twitter   
Brick City HomecomingFacebookTwitter   
Imagine RIT: Creativity and Innovation FestivalFacebookTwitterYouTube Google+
Information SecurityFacebookTwitter InstagramGoogle+
President Munson Twitter   
Provost Granberg Twitter   
RIT ArenasFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT AthleticsFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+
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RIT SustainabilityFacebookTwitterYouTube  
Ritchie the TigerFacebook  Instagram 
Undergraduate AdmissionsFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 

Academic Centers, Programs and Support

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Academic Affairs Twitter   
Academic Success CenterFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
Air Force ROTC Detachment 538Facebook    
Archive CollectionsFacebookTwitter   
ASLIE LabFacebook    
Cary Graphic Arts CollectionFacebook  Instagram 
CASTLE (Center for Advancing Science/Math Teaching, Learning and Evaluation)FacebookTwitter   
Center for Quality and Applied StatisticsFacebook    
Computer Engineering DepartmentFacebook  Instagram 
Computer Science DepartmentFacebookTwitter   
Department of Civil Engineering Technology Twitter   
Department of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering TechnologyFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management Facebook    
Department of Interior Design, School of Design, CADFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering TechnologyFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
Department of Packaging ScienceFacebook    
Department of Service SystemsFacebook    
ECT Engineering TechnologyFacebook    
English Language CenterFacebook    
Golisano Institute for SustainabilityFacebookTwitter   
Graduate StudiesFacebookTwitter   
Gray MatterFacebookTwitter   
Higher Education Opportunity ProgramFacebook    
Imaging ScienceFacebookTwitterYouTube  
Information Sciences and TechnologiesFacebookTwitter   
Innovative Learning InstituteFacebookTwitter   
Leadership Institute and Community Service CenterFacebook    
Multicultural Center for Academic SuccessFacebookTwitter   
New York Wine & Culinary CenterFacebookTwitter   
NTID Center on EmploymentFacebookTwitter   
Office of Career Services and Cooperative EducationFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
OSHA Education CenterFacebookTwitter   
Performing Arts and Visual Culture DepartmentFacebookTwitter   
RIT Big ShotFacebookTwitter   
RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction & Creativity (MAGIC)FacebookTwitterYouTube  
RIT Honors ProgramFacebookTwitter   
RIT myCourses Twitter   
RIT OnlineFacebookTwitter   
RIT Online EMBA Program Twitter  Google+
RIT PressFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Writing CommonsFacebook    
RIT/NTID Dyer Arts CenterFacebook    
School for American CraftsFacebook    
School of CommunicationFacebookTwitter   
School of Film and Animation   Instagram 
School of Individualized StudyFacebookTwitter Instagram 
School of Interactive Games and MediaFacebookTwitter   
School of Mathematical SciencesFacebook    
School of Media SciencesFacebookTwitter Instagram 
School of Photographic Arts and SciencesFacebook YouTubeInstagram 
Simone Center for Student Innovation and EntrepreneurshipFacebookTwitter   
Software EngineeringFacebookTwitter   
Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life SciencesFacebookTwitter   
University ExplorationFacebookTwitter Instagram 
University/Community PartnershipsFacebook    
Vignelli Center for Design StudiesFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Wegmans School of Health and NutritionFacebookTwitterYouTube  


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Alumni AssociationFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
College of Art and Design AlumniFacebookTwitter   
College of Liberal Arts AlumniFacebook    
College of Science AlumniFacebookTwitter   
NTID Alumni AssociationFacebookTwitter   


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Corner CrewFacebookTwitter   
RIT AthleticsFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+
RIT CheerleadingFacebookTwitter   
RIT CrewFacebook  Instagram 
RIT Men's BaseballFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Men's BasketballFacebookTwitter   
RIT Men's Cross CountryFacebookTwitter   
RIT Men's HockeyFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Men's LacrosseFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Men's SoccerFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Men's Swimming & DivingFacebook    
RIT Men's TennisFacebookTwitter   
RIT Men's Track & FieldFacebookTwitter   
RIT Men's WrestlingFacebook    
RIT Tiger DenFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Women's BasketballFacebook    
RIT Women's Cross CountryFacebookTwitter   
RIT Women's HockeyFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Women's LacrosseFacebookTwitter   
RIT Women's SoccerFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Women's SoftballFacebook    
RIT Women's Swimming & DivingFacebook    
RIT Women's TennisFacebookTwitter   
RIT Women's Track & FieldFacebookTwitter   
RIT Women's VolleyballFacebookTwitter   
SportsZoneFacebookTwitter Instagram 
University ArenasFacebookTwitter Instagram 


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Graduate AdmissionsFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+
Undergraduate AdmissionsFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+


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College of Art and DesignFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
College of Business, SaundersFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+
College of Computing and Information Sciences, B. Thomas GolisanoFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
College of Engineering TechnologyFacebookTwitter   
College of Engineering, Kate GleasonFacebookTwitter  Google+
College of Health Sciences and TechnologyFacebookTwitter   
College of Liberal ArtsFacebookTwitter Instagram 
College of ScienceFacebookTwitter Instagram 
National Technical Institute for the Deaf - NTIDFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagramGoogle+


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e-NABLE - Crowd Sourced 3D Printed prosthetic handsFacebookTwitter  Google+
NYS Pollution Prevention InstituteFacebookTwitter   
Print in the Mix Twitter   

Safety and Security

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ITS System Status Twitter   
Parking and Transportation ServicesFacebook    
Public Safety DepartmentFacebookTwitter   
RIT AmbulanceFacebookTwitter   

Student Life

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8 Beat MeasureFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
Alpha Epsilon PiFacebook  Instagram 
Art House (SIH) FacebookTwitter Instagram 
Asian Culture SocietyFacebook YouTube  
Asian Deaf Club Facebook    
Caribbean Students AssociationFacebookTwitter   
Center for Campus LifeFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
Center for Religious LifeFacebook    
Center for Residence LifeFacebookTwitter   
Center for Women and GenderFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Chinese Culture ClubFacebook    
ClubsAtRIT (Center for Campus Life)FacebookTwitter Instagram 
College Activities BoardFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Commuters at RITFacebookTwitter   
Electronic Gaming SocietyFacebookTwitter   
Engineering House (SIH)Facebook  Instagram 
Formula SAE Racing TeamFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
Gamma Epsilon Tau FraternityFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Global UnionFacebookTwitter   
Greek LifeFacebookTwitter Instagram 
House of General Science (SIH)Facebook  Instagram 
InterVarsity Christian FellowshipFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Korean International Student Association (KISA RIT)Facebook    
Latin American Student AssociationFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Model Railroad ClubFacebook    
MOSAIC CenterFacebook    
Mud TugFacebookTwitter   
Native American Student AssociationFacebookTwitter   
New Student OrientationFacebookTwitter Instagram 
OASIS (Organization for the Alliance of Students from the Indian Subcontinent)Facebook    
Paintball Club/TeamFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Photo HouseFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Quidditch TeamFacebookTwitter   
Reporter MagazineFacebookTwitterYouTube  
Residence Halls AssociationFacebook    
RIT BhangraFacebook  Instagram 
RIT ImprovFacebookTwitterYouTube  
RIT IntramuralsFacebook    
RIT Panhellenic CouncilFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Pep BandFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
RIT PlayersFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)Facebook  Instagram 
RIT Vocal AccentFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
RIT's Proof of PurchaseFacebook  Instagram 
Security Practices and Search AssociationFacebookTwitter   
Sigma Chi fraternityFacebookTwitter   
Space-Time Adventures at RIT (STAR)Facebook   Google+
Student Environmental Action LeagueFacebookTwitter   
Student GovernmentFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Student IT OfficeFacebookTwitter   
Student WellnessFacebook  Instagram 
Ukulele ClubFacebook    
WITRFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Women in BusinessFacebookTwitter   
Women in EngineeringFacebook YouTube  


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Barnes and Noble @RITFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Center for Residence LifeFacebookTwitter   
Digital DenFacebook    
Dining ServicesFacebookTwitter Instagram 
Global VillageFacebookTwitter   
Photo StoreFacebook  Instagram 
RIT HousingFacebookTwitter Instagram 
RIT Inn & Conference CenterFacebook    
Shop OneFacebook    

University Administration

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Better Me WellnessFacebookTwitter   
Finance & AdministrationFacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram 
Human ResourcesFacebookTwitter   
Office for DiversityFacebookTwitter   
Office of Faculty RecruitmentFacebookTwitter   
Staff CouncilFacebookTwitter   


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American University in Kosovo Training and Development InstituteFacebook  Instagram     
Chinese Culture ClubFacebook       Renren
International AdmissionsFacebook YouTubeInstagramGoogle+WeiboTudou Renren
Korean International Student Association (KISA RIT)Facebook        
RIT CroatiaFacebookTwitter       
RIT DubaiFacebookTwitter Instagram     
RIT Global – Global ProgramsFacebookTwitter       
RIT Global – Study Abroad & International Fellowships FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram     
RIT KosovoFacebookTwitterYouTube