Resources for News Media

University Communications is here to help connect you with RIT's faculty and staff subject-matter experts, facilitate a successful visit to the Rochester campus, and provide multimedia resources.

Visiting the RIT Campus

Rochester Institute of Technology welcomes news media to campus as part of our mission to help the community and the world learn about our innovations, expertise and educational offerings. However, RIT is a private institution and neither the public nor members of the media are entitled to unfettered access to its people or facilities.

We want members of the RIT community — students, faculty, and staff — to be free to speak openly with the media, if they choose to do so, and with a reasonable expectation of privacy and normalcy as they go about their daily activities. RIT University Communications is available to assist news media seeking access to campus or interviews with anyone in the RIT community.

Media personnel must receive permission from a member of the University Communications staff to enter the campus. Carl Langsenkamp, director of Public Information and Internal Communications, can make such arrangements. Television broadcasting may be limited to specific locations, at the discretion of University Communications. Permission to shoot interior spaces, including classrooms, libraries, dormitories, dining areas, student union, athletic facilities and administrative buildings, but be obtained in advance.

All commercial, non-news photography or filming must be approved in advance by Bob Finnerty, chief communications officer. Per FAA regulations, drone photography/filming is not allowed on the campus without federal permission.

University Communications has broadcast-quality video B-roll and still shots of the campus that can be made available upon request.

Subject-matter Experts

RIT has experts in hundreds of fields, from cybersecurity, supply chain management, and social issues, to packaging science and color science. Browse the topics below to get connected to an RIT subject-matter expert.

Computing-related topics, such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, or video games

Engineering-related topics, such as semiconductors and microchips

Space-related topics, such as NASA, the James Webb Space Telescope, or black holes

Sustainability-related topics, such as recycling, renewable energies, or food waste

Business-related topics, such as supply chain management

Entrepreneurship-related topics

Economics-related topics, such as inflation

Health-related topics, such as nutrition, drug addiction or biotechnologies

Science specialties, such as color science, drones, or satellite imaging

Arts and culture-related topics, such as photography, TV and movies, or politics

Deaf culture or American Sign Language

Diversity, equity, or inclusion

Available Multimedia

Logos, photography, and b-roll footage are available for download or upon request.

Media outlets should contact Carl Langsenkamp, Director of Public Information and Internal Communications, for photo requests.

Media outlets should contact Carl Langsenkamp, Director of Public Information and Internal Communications, to request b-roll footage of campus, including aerial drone views.

Social Media

Follow RIT's main social media accounts for the latest updates.