Friday June 26, 2020

Topic: COVID-19: RIT Responds, Rallies, and Rises Above

With presentations from:

The Marketing and Communications Division

Amber Webb - Director Marketing and Communication, Marketing, Annual Giving, and Donor Stewardship, Development and Alumni Relations

Sandy Whitmore – Sr. Director of Operations, Division of Diversity and Inclusion

Kristina Faller – Digital Content Strategist, RIT Online

Aaron Garland – Web Content Manager, College of Art and Design

Ed Lincoln – Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

Denishea Ortiz – Director, Strategic Marketing and Retail Product Management, Finance and Administration Auxiliary Services


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Marketing and Communications Forum June 2020

Webinar Transcript

October 28, 2019

Shelley Yehl – Director of University Marketing Intelligence
Lindsay St. Lucia – Assistant Director of University Brand Management and Advertising

National Campaign Updates
Final metrics from the Spring campaign and updates to where we are headed next

Mark Fragale – Assoc. Director of University Sports and Events Production
Advances in the RIT SportsZone program
SportsZone has transformed in recent years with many updates within the platform that are structured to move the RIT marketing message forward, highlight student athletes and promote SportsZone student staff as they leave RIT and enter the workforce.

Eric Koomen – Director of Communications and Marketing, Saunders College of Business
Building Brand Assets
Partnering with University Marketing Strategy and Creative Services

Lydia Palmer – Senior Director of Marketing and Donor Relations, Development and Alumni Relations
Anna Hazelwood, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Development and Alumni Relations

Alumni webinar series
Best practices & what is learned from running the Alumni Webinar Series.

Danielle Dankey – Associate Director Enrollment Marketing, Enrollment Management
Campus Visit Marketing
Making a campus visit is one of the strongest predictors of yielding a prospective student. Learn how a change in marketing tactics has positively influenced campus visit attendance and has lifted the curtain on determining which marketing channels are effective.

Kelly Sorenson – Marketing Communications Director, College of Art and Design
The Power of Partnerships
Marketing and recruiting best practices in the College of Art and Design

June 7, 2019

Implementing the academic vision for RIT - Ellen Granberg, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Granberg described her role at RIT and how she’s implementing key components of the 2018-2025 strategic plan, “Greatness through Difference.”

Strategic Communications: Continued evolution in University CommunicationsBob Finnerty, Chief Communications Officer, University Communications



March 6, 2019

Kin Sejpal, AVP Marketing and Branding: Kin discussed the progress of our National Campaign that we are working on with Gatesman Agency, including an overview of the campaign and relevant updates.

Raman Bhalla, Director of University Web Services: Raman talked about the university’s new web presence including the newly launched websites and what is to come.


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National Campaign and Rebranding

July 19, 2018

Pam Carmichael, Assistant VP of Communications, Marketing, and Multimedia at NTID - 50 Years of Education Excellence: An overview of NTID, why it was created and why it’s important to RIT

Kin Sejpal, AVP Marketing and Branding, Ellen Shady, Director University Creative Services, and Jeff Arbegast Sr Assc Director University Creative Services - Brand Update: The latest and greatest, and what’s to come!


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50 Years of Education Excellence

Summer 2018 Brand Update

May 29, 2018

John Trierweiler, Kin Sejpal, Ellen Shady, Jeff Arbegast, and Laura Cummings: Bringing the Brand to Life: We are on to Something Amazing! 

Bob Finnerty and Cindy Sobieraj: Entertainment and a Blended Campaign – Save the Date, July 12th!


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Brand Presentation May 2018

July 12 MarCom Forum

Editorial and Style Draft

March 20, 2018

Dave Tyler, Director of Social Media: Social Media at RIT: Growin’ Up.

Dr. Sandra (Sandy) Johnson, Sr Vice President for Student Affairs: Student Success at RIT: It takes a village


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Social Media at RIT: Growin’ Up

Student Success at RIT: It takes a village

February 7 & 8, 2018

Marketing Open Forums
February 7th, 1-3pm, GOL-1400
February 8th, 9-11am, CAR-1125

The Division of Marketing and Communications is excited to invite you to our first Marketing Open Forum on February 7th or 8th. All members of the RIT community who are interested in learning more about RIT’s marketing and brand initiatives are welcome to attend. 
Overview and updates on:
  • Brand Health Tracker - John Trierweiler
  • Brand Identity Development - Kin Sejpal 
  • Web Redesign Initiative - Raman Bhalla
  • Q&A


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Marketing Open Forum

Select web wireframes (work in progress)

January 16, 2018

Marian M. Nicoletti, Interim Director of Admissions: RIT Undergraduate Admissions:  The Admissions Process, Recruitment Strategies and Factors in the Admissions Decision

Bob Finnerty, AVP/Chief Communications Officer: National and Global Reputation: Storytelling in Cluttered Landscape


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RIT Undergraduate Admissions

Storytelling in Cluttered Landscape

November 21, 2017

John Trierweiler, VP and Chief Marketing Officer: Welcome and Announcements

Kin Sejpal, AVP Marketing & Branding: Kin shared key findings and salient strategy drivers from the Brand Health Tracker (including highlights from a brief awareness study done with another firm). The information that was presented will help lay a strong foundation for RIT’s messaging and overall brand strategy.

Ed Lincoln, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management & Career Services: Ed discussed the Admitted Student Questionnaire PLUS™ (ASQ PLUS™) College Board market research tools. These tools have been administered to accepted RIT freshmen in alternate years. The presentation provided an overview of selected findings from the 2017 questionnaire.


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Marketing and Communications Presentation

Brand Awareness Study and Brand Health Tracker

Admitted Student Questionnaire

September 19, 2017

John Trierweiler, VP/CMO: John provided an update on the Marketing and Communications Division.

Dr. James Myers, Associate Provost of International Education & Global Programs: Dr. Myers presented an overview of RIT’s status in its efforts to become a comprehensive international university. Since 2011, RIT has been strategically focused on fostering global competence in its graduates, and developing international experiential opportunities for all students. He also presented the progress we have made in international engagement through research, and the expansion of our global campuses.

Elizabeth Lamark, Visual Resource Producer: Elizabeth presented an introduction to Cumulus, our digital asset management tool. As a part of the presentation she covered a range of topics, including access and procurement of digital assets, photo storage, cataloging and tagging, photo contribution, and more.

June 6, 2017

Thérèse Hannigan, Director of RIT Online: Thérèse presented an overview of RIT Online, edX partnership, RITx offerings, and our West Coast Initiative. As a part of the discussion she also reviewed her marketing plans and process as they relate to these programs and initiatives.

John Trierweiler, VP/CMO: John presented qualitative research highlights from a recent Brand Health Tracker Survey performed by SimpsonScarborough in cooperation with John and RIT’s Brand Health Task Force. This portion of the research specifically measured attitudes, awareness, and perceptions of RIT, which will help to improve our positioning and key messaging within the higher ed marketplace.


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RIT Online Presentation

February 21, 2017

John Trierweiler, VP/CMO: John presented an update on the announcement of our new President, Dr. David C. Munson, Jr., and the Presidential Transition Plan.

Diane Ellison, Associate Vice President, Graduate, International & PT Enrollment and Roch Whitman, Sr. Associate Director of Part-Time and Graduate Enrollment Services: Diane and Roch presented on (1) who they are, (2) what they do, and (3) how they can collaborate with marketers and communicators to achieve enrollments goals.


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OGAPE Presentation