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This page you'll find: A list of Queer Clubs and Q Center Advisory Board.



The RIT GLBTQA Alliance is open to all people. We work to foster a community for the LGBTQA population on campus by sponsoring social events, education, and advocating for the students.
This is a Tier 3 Club
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Meetings are every Wednesday at 9pm in Kate Gleason Dorm A055.


Spectrum is the splendid GLBTQQA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Allies) student group at RIT / NTID. We are most time work with whose are deaf or hard of hearing but hearing students are welcome too. This group is where every single one of us can grow and feel safe within our environment without oppression and fear of being our true selves. We aim for an open, safe, and inclusive campus environment for NTID/RIT students, staff and alumni. We also work with the RIT Gay Alliance, OUTspoken, the Center for Women and Gender, Tangent, and the RIT GLBT Center.
This is a Tier 3 Club
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OUTspoken is a Major Student Organization representing LGBTQ students and our allies on campus. We work within Student Government to empower gender and sexual diverse students, to educate the RIT community at large on LGBTQ issues, and to represent the needs and concerns faced by LGBTQ students and allies.
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This group supports nonbinary, agender and questioning students.
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ENBY meets every Saturday 1-2pm; Email for location!


Tangent is the Transgender Network at RIT. Tangent aims to be a forum for transgender, genderqueer, and non binary members of the RIT community.
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Tangent meets every Monday at 9:00pm; Email for location!

LABRYS Women's Alliance

A safe space for all queer-identified women to meet, discuss and hang out. There are weekly meetings, usually discussion or activity-based. Labrys Women's Alliance is dedicated to creating a fun, safe environment for queer female-identified people.
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Labrys meets every Tuesday in the Alumni Room at 8:00pm

Q Center Advisory Board

Nicole Boulais- Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Annamaria Kontor– Physician
Betty Vickery- Nurse Practitioner
Stephanie Paredes- Manager of Multicultural Programs
Kerry Hughes- Project and Event Manager; Office of the Provost
Bryan Lloyd- Assistant Director for Counseling and Academic Advising for NTID
Marc Goldman- Associate Director of Student Affairs, Residential Education
Janine Rowe - Assistant Director for Disability Services, Career Counselor 
Clayton Ide- NTID Liberal Studies Instructional/Support Faculty
Jennifer Gravitz- NTID Liberal Studies Department Chair
Amy Reed- Women’s Basketball Head Coach/Senior Women’s Administrator
Jessica Ecock- Associate Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Kerry Foxx - Director for Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement
Sharon Emerson- Nurse Practitioner
Jennifer Connelly- SCHOOL OF PHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Cha Ron Sattler-Leblanc - Senior Director for Academic Support Center
Samuel Waters - College of Computing & Information Sciences System Administrator Not Pictured:
Nicole Crouse-Dickerson- Interpretek
Alan Smerbeck - Psychology; Women and Gender Studies Program Coordinating Commitee