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Certificate & Advanced Certificate Program Proposals

  • Certificate Programs are NOT required to submit a concept paper but must follow all other RIT and NYSED requirements.

Proposers of Certificate and Advanced Certificate Proposals should follow these steps for preparing a proposal for review by RIT curriculum bodies:

1. The NYSED Application for Registration of a New Certificate or Advanced Certificate contains six (6) separate task areas: 

  • Task 1: Institution and Program Information
  • Task 2: Proposed Program Information
  • Task 3: Sample Program Schedule
    • Please provide the catalog descriptions for existing courses in Task 3c.
    • Please provide a single separate Word document for syllabi for all new courses in Task 3d.
  • Task 4: Faculty
  • Task 5: Financial Resources and Institutional Facilities
  • Task 6: Library Resources
  • Additional Task (as applicable): Application to add Distance Education Format

2. Complete all of these task areas on the NYSED Application Form and save.  This is the only form needed for review by department, college, ICC/Grad Council and Academic Senate.

3. Save the completed task area information on your computer as Word Documents.

4. This is the  document that you will use for RIT internal review.

5. When the proposal has been approved by ICC/Grad Council and Academic Senate, please follow the Registration with NYSED instructions in Step # 4 below, Registration with NYSED, (this information can also be accessed from the Certificate and Advanced Certificate Program Proposals tab #4 Registration with NYSED, under New Program Proposal Requirements section).

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Karel Shapiro,, Ext. 52527 or Stephanie Rankin,, Ext. 54988 in the Office of the Sr. Associate Provost.

  • Following approval by Academic Senate, e-mail the completed Word documents, (Task Areas 1-6) and Distance Education (if applicable) to the Office of the Sr. Associate Provost in care of Karel Shapiro, or Stephanie Rankin,
  • The Office of the Senior Associate Provost will review your documents, and will advise if any additional information in the Task Areas is required.
  • Once ready for submission, The Office of the Senior Associate Provost will obtain the necessary signatures and Provost approval and submit the Application for Registration of a New Certificate or Advanced Certificate Program to NYSED for processing and registration.
  • The Office of the Senior Associate Provost will advise the initiator of the Proposal once it has been submitted to NYSED and once approval from NYSED is confirmed.

NOTE:  The proposed program may NOT be advertised or admit students until approval has been granted and formal authorization received from NYSED.

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