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Academic Senate

General Education Committee
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A faculty representative from each college (from each of the College Curriculum Committees) elected by his or her collegial faculty; one at large representative elected by the Senate; one representative from the academic deans; the Chief Academic Officer or his or her delegate (ex officio, voting); and the Director of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (ex officio, non-voting).

Charles Border (GCCIS) Fall 2015-Spring 2018 (1st Term)
Elizabeth Hane (Faculty Associate, Provost's Delegate) Open
Dawn Hollenbeck (ICC Chair) Ex Officio, non-voting
Bill Johnson (CAST) Fall 2014-Spring 2017 (1st Term)
Carl Lutzer (COS), Chair Fall 2013-Spring 2016 (1st Term)
Matt Marshall (KGCOE) Fall 2014-Spring 2017 (1st Term)
Bill Middleton (CLA) Fall 2015-Spring 2018 (1st Term)
Heidi Nickisher (CIAS) Fall 2013-Spring 2016 (1st Term)
Myra Pelz (NTID) Fall 2013–Spring 2016 (2nd Term)
Amit Ray (CLA, AS At Large Appointee) Spring 2013–Spring 2016 (2nd Term)
Anne Wahl, Director, Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment Open
Kristen Waterstram-Rich (CHST) Fall 2013-Spring 2016 (1st Term)
Jamie Winebrake (CLA Dean) Open
Hao Zhang (SCB) 2015-2018 (1st Term)