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NYSED Registration: Steps Following Academic Senate Approval

Application for Registration of a New Degree Program

NOTE: Different form used for Doctoral Degree and New Program in a Licensed Profession:

  • Architecture
  • Dietetics/Nutrition
  • Engineering                                  
  • Interior Design                                   
  • Physician Assistant
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Public Accountants

See form and procedures directly following procedures for Registration of a New Degree Program (non-doctoral).

When all internal RIT curriculum approval procedures are completed, program proposals must be registered with the New York State Education Department, by preparing a WORD document (do not send PDF to our office) as described below:

1. The NYSED Application for Registration of a New Degree Program (non-doctoral) contains six (6) task areas.

  • Task 1: Institution and Program Information
  • Task 2: Proposed Program Information
  • Task 3: Sample Program Schedule
    • Please provide the catalog descriptions for existing courses in Task 3d.
    • Please provide syllabi for all new courses in Task 3e as a separate, single PDF document
  • Task 4: Faculty
  • Task 5: Financial Resources and Instructional Facilities
  • Task 6: Library Resources

2. If the new program proposal is for any program listed below, please use the Application for Registration of a New Program in a Licensed Profession

  • Architecture
  • Dietetics/Nutrition
  • Engineering
  • interior design
  • Physician Assistant
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Public Accountants

3. GOOD NEWS! You already have ALL of the required information needed for these 6 Task Areas in your RIT Program Proposal. You should be  able to easily cut and paste information to the NYSED Registration Application.

4. If the new program will be offered in Distance Education format, you must also complete the Application to Add the Distance Education Format to a New or Registered Program Form

5. Using the New York State Application for Registration of a New Program prepare a word document as follows using the chart below to assist in transferring information from the RIT New Program Proposal Form to the NYSED application form.




Task #1: Institution and Program Information


Complete all information

Regents Region: Finger Lakes Region (2)

Do not enter anything in Contact Information Field


Task #2: Proposed Program Information

  1. Format

Check all that apply

  1. Diploma Programs

Complete information, if applicable

  1. Program Description
    and Purpose
  1. Catalog Description
  2. Education/Career Objectives
  3. Relationship to Mission/Master Plan
  4. Documented Need for Program
  5. Role of Faculty in Program Development
  6. External Partner Input
  7. Anticipated 5-year Enrollment

Use 1a, b, c, d, g, h, i and selected information
as appropriate from Appendix B and D

  1. Use 1a
  2. Use 1b
  3. Use 1c
  4. Use 1d
  5. Use 1g
  6. Use 1h
  7. Use 1i
  1. Admissions

Use #6a, b, c

  1. Academic Support Services

Use #7

  1. Credit for Experience

Use #9

  1. Program Assessment and Improvement

Use #10 a, b and c

  1. Transfer to Baccalaureate Programs

Use #12


Task #3:  Sample Program Schedule

  1. Sample Schedule

Use Table 1a (for undergraduate) or 1b (for

  1. Nontraditional Schedule

Use #2d

  1. Master’s degree research or comparable occupational
    or professional experience

Indicate how requirement is met, including
course number, if applicable

  1. Existing Course Descriptions

Use #2e

  1. New Course Syllabi

Use Course Outlines from Appendix A

Note: Submit new course syllabi as a single,
separate WORD document


Task #4:  Faculty

  1. Faculty Tables

Use Tables 2, 3, 4

(Note: Do NOT include Appendix F: Faculty CV)

  1. Definition of Full-time Faculty

Use this definition:  “Persons who have received and accepted
a contract for 100% of a full-time load - - typically 15 credit
hours per term.”


Task #5:  Financial Resources and Instructional Facilities

  1. Facilities/Equipment

Use #4a

(Note: Do NOT include Appendices C, E, G)

  1. New Resources

Use #4b (Table 5)


Task #6:  Library Resources

  1. Analysis of Existing Resources

Use #5a

  1. Response to needs and Plan for Development

Use #4b (Table 5)

Additional task: all Graduate Programs and certain other degree areas:

External Review of Graduate Programs and Programs whose Subject Matter Represents a New or Emerging Field            


  • Must include External Review Report


  • Also include copy of e-mail from Sr. Associate Provost indicating advance approval from NYSED for the External evaluator chosen.


Response to External Review


  • Include Institution’s response to External Review Report including   how proposal was modified in response to reviewer’s comments, as appropriate


Application for Distance Education 


CEO (or designee) Signature

  • Leave blank

5. When you have inputted  all of the information for the above areas, save as a Word document(s) and e-mail the word document(s) to the office of the Senior Associate Provost in care of Karel Shapiro, or Stephanie Rankin,

6. The Office of the Senior Associate Provost will review your documents, and advise If any additional information is required.

7. Once ready for submission, The Office of the Senior Associate Provost will obtain the necessary approvals and signatures and submit the Application for Registration of a New Program Form to NYSED for processing.

8. The Office of the Senior Associate Provost will advise the initiator of the Proposal once it has been submitted to NYSED.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Karel Shapiro,, Ext. 52527 or Stephanie Rankin,, Ext. 54988 in the Office of the Sr. Associate Provost.

NOTE: The proposed program may not be advertised or admit students until approval has been granted and formal authorization received from NYSED.

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