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ILSim and ILSim2

ILSim is a compact, multi-beam interference lithography simulator. ILSim is based on full vector interference theory, which allows for application at extremely high NA values, such as those projected for use with immersion lithography.

More ILSim Information

ILSim was developed by Yongfa Fan and is provided free of charge.

ILSim2 is similar to ILSim but has a few more options and several film stack materials included for ease of use.

ILSim2 was developed by Jianming Zhou and is also provided free of charge.

Installation Instructions/Requirements:

MATLAB is required for use.
To install ILSim and ILSim2, first download ilsim.zip or ilsim2.zip
Unzip the file into a directory of your choice.
Set MATLAB's current directory to the directory containing the .fig and .p files.
Execute ILSim or ILSim2 in MATLAB.

Get ILSim!

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