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Tuition Fees



Bachelor Tuition (per year)
Bachelor of Science in Computing Security
Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Technologies
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Finance
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Bachelor of Science in Global Business Management
Bachelor of Science in Psychology



Introduction to Academic English – ELCA 062 (per semester)



Pre-University Physics (per semester)



Pre-University Algebra (per semester)



Pre-University Arabic (per semester)



Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (total program tuition) 



Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (total program tuition) 



Master of Science in Engineering Management (total program tuition)



Master of Science in Service Leadership & Innovation (total program tuition) 



Master of Science in Professional Studies: Smart Cities (total program tuition)



Master of Science in Professional Studies: Data Analytics (total program tuition)



Master of Science in Professional Studies: Future Foresight and Planning (total program tuition)



Master of Science in Computing Security (total program tuition)




Other Fees Per Year


Housing (Single)



Housing (Sharing/Double)



Housing Deposit (non - refundable & credited towards housing fee)



Visa Fee (Includes AED 2,500 refundable deposit - including 5% VAT)



Visa Status Change Inside Country



Transportation (depending on location - for detailed information: click here)

From 1,810

From 493

Health Insurance (subject to change - including 5% VAT)

3,150 / 6,000 

858 / 1,634

Books (average per semester)



Enrollment Deposit for Admission (non-refundable & credited towards tuition)



Yearly Visa Renewal (including 5% VAT)



Visa Cancellation (including 5% VAT)



Graduation Fee (including 5% VAT)



Math/Physics Placement Test (including 5% VAT)



Student Activity Fee



Lab. Fee Per Course



Installment plans are available!
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$1.00 USD = AED 3.6725

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RIT Dubai reserves the right to increase tuition dues in line with operational costs and without prior notice.

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Bank Transfer (AED)
Account Name: RIT Dubai FZE
Branch: Dubai Silicon Oasis
Account Number: 1102425560201
IBAN Code: AE390260001102425560201

Finance Department Contact:
Ms. Dina Haidar - Finance Officer

Main: +971 4 371 2000
FAX: +971 4 320 8819

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As an RIT student/Almuni, you can be rewarded for sharing your RIT experience with a co-worker, family member, or friend who might be interested in one of our programs. The Student Referral Program offers a range of incentives, from scholarships to cash payments, when you refer one or more students to RIT Dubai.

To benefit, you should ensure that you complete the referral form before Enquiry or application stage. (T&C Apply)

Eligible students will receive an email indicating that they have been qualified for a referral incentive.  

If you’ve got any questions or want to know more about the referral program, visit the Enrollment department.

RIT Dubai’s Admissions Office strongly believes in ensuring that highly motivated and academically strong students are rewarded for their efforts and achievements. Additionally, RIT Dubai scholarships encourage students to excel in their course work and become valuable participants in extracurricular and community activities. The goals and objectives of RIT Dubai scholarships and financial aid are to:

  • Attract students with outstanding academic achievements through a merit-based scholarship incentive. 

  • Support student success and promote academic excellence throughout the student’s course of study by extending scholarships to current students.

  • Provide an opportunity to qualified students with financial constraints to fulfill their ambition of joining RIT Dubai by providing necessary financial aid.

Prospective students can apply for a scholarship after being accepted in RIT Dubai. Current students can apply for a scholarship at the end of each academic year. All awards are valid for one academic year for undergraduate students and one semester for graduate students. All awards are re-evaluated each year based on the student’s academic performance and any demonstrated leadership role in extracurricular activities or competitions that have significantly impacted the UAE or the global landscape and produced a positive image of RIT Dubai and its programs.

Students are encouraged to apply for multiple scholarship options. However, please bear in mind that graduate and undergraduate students will be allocated the most beneficial scholarships; this will consist of only 1 option from section A and 1 option from section B.

Section - A:

Academic Scholarship:

This award grants up to 45% scholarship to students with an exceptional academic background based on their high school percentage. As illustrated in the table below:

High School Percentage

Scholarship Awarded

80% - 84.99%


85% - 89.99%


90% - 94.99%


95% - 97.99%


> 98%


Dean's Scholarship Awarded:

An initiative that grants a limited number of students a 30% scholarship based on their academic grades in the related fields of study. To qualify for this award, student’s grades will be assessed based on the following courses:


Relevant Courses


Maths / Physics / Chemistry


ICT / Computer Sciences / Maths


Business Studies / Economics / Accounting / English


Statistics / Psychology / Social Sciences

Tiger Journey Scholarship:

An initiative that grants a limited number of students (50 Seats) a 20% flat scholarship on the tuition fees for the entire program. To qualify for this award, student’s will be assessed based on the following:

  • Predicted grades of 90% and above.

  • Meeting English Language requirements.

  • Passing the required placement tests.

Note: Tiger Journey Scholarship can’t be joined with any scholarship from section B

Athletics Scholarship:

At RIT Dubai, we recognize the importance of athletics and are pleased to announce scholarships up to 50% for academic achievers who are athletically talented. Students can apply for the athletic scholarship if they play one of the below-mentioned sports:

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Cricket

  • Basketball

The following documents must be submitted with the scholarship application:

  • Submit videos of your most recent game

  • A document that has your history as a player, strengths, past successes, and athletic skills

  • Reference letter from coach/PE teacher

  • Register for a team online

For more information on how to apply, please contact the Student Affairs office at Click here for FAQ.

Corporate Scholarship:

We offer scholarships up to 30% for students associated with many companies and organizations. For more information regarding the specific companies and organizations, please contact the admissions office at or call +971-4-3712000.

Financial Aid:

RIT Dubai offers financial aid up to 30% to students who need financial assistance to be able to attend RIT Dubai. Financial aid packages are awarded based on financial need and include reviewing the applicant’s financial status. Below mentioned documents are required:

  • Stamped bank statement/s (last 6 months)

  • Salary certificate(s)

  • Rental Contract (if applicable) 

  • Dependants school fees/universities (if applicable) 

  • Scanned copies of passport and visa of all dependants. 

  • Loan statement (if applicable) 

Our scholarships are competitive and require students to maintain excellent academic performance. For details and application, please contact Admissions Office or email or call +971-4-371-2000.

Section - B:

Extracurricular Achievement Scholarship:

This award is granted to students with exceptional extracurricular achievements (e.g. drama, music, chess) during their time at school. Outstanding extracurricular achievement offers a 5% scholarship and is the primary criteria for this scholarship. To qualify for this scholarship, the student should give evidence of their participation and leadership in an activity or activities which demonstrate outstanding ability, initiative, and dedication.

Sibling Discount:

A student whose sibling is concurrently enrolled at RIT Dubai can receive a discount on their tuition fees. This discount is in addition to any merit-based scholarships awarded and is evaluated for applicability on a term-by-term basis.

Number of Siblings








4 or more


Alumni Sibling Discount:

Alumni whose sibling is enrolled at RIT Dubai can receive a discount of 5%.

Section - A:

Teaching Assistantship:

RIT Dubai offers graduate students a chance to work alongside professors from specific departments, where they will be assisting the chair of departments in academic-related tasks. This grants the selected students up to 50% scholarship and the opportunity to learn and develop their career by taking up responsibilities and fulfilling the job requirements of a teaching assistant. This scholarship is limited and assesses each applicant on an individual basis.

Academic Scholarship:

RIT Dubai offers academic scholarships up to 30% for students with excellent academic records based on their cumulative GPA of Undergraduate degree. This scholarship will be given based on the criteria mentioned below:

CGPA of Undergraduate Degree

Scholarship Value

3.0 - 3.4


≥ 3.4


≥ 3.6


Corporate Scholarship:

For more information regarding the specific companies and organizations, please contact the admission department at or call us at +97143712000.

Alumni Scholarship:

All RIT Undergraduate students wishing to continue their Graduate studies at RIT Dubai are eligible for a 30% scholarship.

Section - B:

Executive Experience Award:

This award grants qualified graduate students with scholarships up to 10% based on their years of full-time relevant work experience in their area of study and who have demonstrated considerable achievements in their field. The primary criterion for this award is outstanding work experience in a related field of study. To qualify for this scholarship:

  • Applicants must summarize their experience, including title, job description, and projects, and explain how this experience relates to and will help them succeed in their program.

  • Submit official work experience letters from your current and previous employers.

  •  If the scholarship application is incomplete, the application will not be considered for evaluation by the scholarship committee.

  • The above scholarship & financial aid scheme applies to students joining RIT Dubai in Fall 2021 onwards and is not applicable for current RIT Dubai students.

  • The above scholarship & financial aid scheme applies to the Dubai campus only.

  • Scholarships including financial aid are capped at 30% during the study abroad term, i.e., New York, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Kosovo, China.

  • To be applicable for Scholarship, undergraduate students must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours and graduate students must register for a minimum of 6 credit hours.

  • The Undergraduate Financial Aid scholarship is valid for a single academic year, and students may reapply to extend their financial aid. Please note that only 45% of financial aid will be reviewed each semester.

  • Students applying for Corporate scholarships must have a minimum of 6 months’ membership to be eligible.

  • The scholarship & Bursary percentages are capped to 50%.

  • Scholarship amount & conditions are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone except those who have been mentioned in the information release form. Any breach of confidentiality can lead to your scholarship being revoked.