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Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center

At RIT Dubai, The Academic Support Center’s mission is to support students in developing and utilizing essential study skills in order to achieve academic success. By reaching out to our Academic Support Center office, you will be able to learn the tips and tricks on how to organize your materials better, how to create a weekly schedule and a to-do list to make sure you utilize the time you have in working on your responsibilities, as well as develop certain habits and routines to ensure your success in the classroom and beyond.

Feel free to email our Academic Support Center Representative if you have any additional inquiries and we will be more than happy to assist.
Email: sxfcad@rit.edu
Office: G218

The Academic Support Center supports students and offers one-on-one tutoring services delivered by one of our highly qualified tutors. Our tutors can assist you with subject related inquiries as well as general writing support. If you feel like you need more support within a certain course, we encourage you to book a session by clicking here.

The Academic Support Center offers regular professional and academic workshops every Monday during the Common Hour at the Tutoring Center. Attend one of our workshops and learn the secrets to academic success, how to study for exams, effective presentation skills, how to think critically, and much more. To stay updated with our workshop offerings, follow us on Instagram here.

Need additional resources on how to study, how to read strategically, or how to manage your time better? Access our Study Tool Kit and make use of the materials that RIT’s global team created to help you succeed.