Athletics and Recreation

RIT Dubai recognizes the importance of sports to student life and personal development.

Students are encouraged to be active in sports as it will help students not only to gain vital experience and skills, but also to develop their leadership skills, work in a team and learn that regular practice and dedication lead to success.

The Student Affairs Department provides a wide range of quality sports and recreational opportunities in an organized and safe environment. Good training and dedicated, professional coaches are key elements of the programs provided.

College of athletes performing in their respective sport


Varsity teams are comprised of skilled athletes that represent RIT by competing against other university teams. Being a varsity team player includes high commitment and full dedication to the team’s success. All varsity teams host mandatory practices and take part in many competitive tournaments throughout the year.

To be selected for a varsity team, students must attend the try-out sessions held at the beginning of each semester

Club Sports

Clubs play a major role in student experiences at RIT. Joining a club is a great way to get involved in campus life! Club sports are typically managed and run by the students. Not only do club teams offer a fun but competitive atmosphere, but they can also link you to those who share the same passion for the sport. Club sports allow athletes to develop skills in a new activity, expand their competitive realms, meet new challenges, establish new goals, and engage with new friends.

Running Club

Campus Recreation

It doesn’t matter how fit you are or whether you’ve never played before. RIT Athletics provides quality, inclusive, and accessible recreation experiences for the RIT community who would like to improve their fitness, learn a new sport, or develop new skills. We offer a wide range of sports for students who are interested in low-level competitive games throughout the year, RIT Athletics organizes several intramurals or one-off events amongst students, staff, and faculty. You can register on your own or with your friends and we’ll get you involved in a game.

Sports and Fitness Facilities

RIT Dubai is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities which service the recreational and athletic needs of the RIT community.

The RIT Sports Complex is open to the entire RIT community and available for users to pursue individual, group, and team sports goals during regular building hours. The RIT Sports Complex values an individual’s right to access and utilize recreation facilities, programs, and services. We are committed to fostering a culture of respect, compassion, and inclusiveness among individuals and groups. All participants and staff are expected to uphold the rights of others and to be civil, respectful citizens of the RIT community.

General queries and information on facilities, programs, and activities are available at the reception desk. Facility reservations, locker assignments, and equipment rental are administered here. Across the reception area is the seating area.

The RIT Dubai Athletics Division has a limited supply of sports equipment that will be provided to the RIT community. Equipment can be borrowed for approved activities and only during organized or booked training sessions. Users may bring in their own sports equipment. Equipment requests should be submitted 48 hours in advance of the activity.

The ladies-only Fitness Centre is located on the ground floor of the sports complex. It has a wide range of exercise equipment (free weights, weight training, and cardio machines).

Two courts are located on the south corner of the complex. These courts are well suited for training sessions, competitions, or open play.

The multipurpose hall features two indoor courts that can be used for playing basketball, volleyball, futsal, and badminton in both organized sports and free recreation. It is equipped with bleachers capable of seating 158 people. Apart from the multipurpose hall, a locker room featuring storage lockers, changing facilities, and showers are conveniently located before entering the multipurpose halls.

The 7v7 soccer pitch accommodates the various sports needs of the RIT community. The soccer pitch also offers a spectator seating area and equipped with floodlights for evening matches.

Student Lounges

RIT Dubai students have access to several recreational facilities.

The meditation room is furnished with bean bags and empty floor space for students who would like a quiet relaxing place between classes. 

The Quite Reading Room is a common area for all students used for solo studying/reading sessions. 

The Women’s Lounge is for female students only. Students use this space for group study sessions, to relax, and also to play board games. 

The Common Lounge is used by all RIT students (male and female). Students use this space to unwind and catch up with each other. The second common lounge located next to the gaming room consists of a TV and PlayStation for students. It also has a pool table and is a popular spot among the students.

The Student Government Office is mainly used by the Student Government for their weekly meetings and other meetings between students. It is also occasionally booked for smaller events with a limited number of attendees. 

The Art Room is equipped with easels, paint supplies, and all stationery required for the Art Club. It also has some artwork displayed on the walls donated by previous art club members. 

The Music Room is mainly used by our active Music Club. They also store their equipment in this space and use it for practice sessions. 

The Gaming Room has Foosball tables and Table Tennis as well. Students usually have music being played in this space and have organized several internal tournaments there as well. 

The women’s Prayer Room is located in Block F (Student Center) 1st Floor. It has a wudhu area and a separate prayer area. 

The men’s Prayer Room is located outside of the Mechanical Building. It has a wudhu area and a separate prayer area.

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