Minors and Immersions


Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree have the option of completing a minor, which can complement a student’s major, help them develop another area of professional expertise, or enable them to pursue an area of personal interest. Completion of a minor is not listed on the diploma but is formally designated on the baccalaureate transcript, which serves to highlight this accomplishment to employers and graduate schools.
A minor at RIT is a related set of academic courses consisting of no fewer than 15 semester credit hours. In most cases, minors shall consist of a minimum of two upper-division courses to provide reasonable breadth and depth within the minor.
The following parameters must be met in order to earn a minor:

  • At least nine credit hours of the minor must consist of courses not required by the student’s home major.
  • Students may pursue multiple minors. A minimum of nine credit hours must be designated for each minor; these courses may not be counted towards other minors.
  • The residency requirement for a minor is a minimum of nine credit hours consisting of RIT courses (excluding “X” graded courses).
  • Posting of the minor on the student's academic transcript requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.
  • Minors may not be added to the student's academic record after the granting of the bachelor's degree.

These are the approved minors available at RIT Dubai:

Business and Management Department
(Chair: Dr. Panagiotis Kokkalis)

Electrical Engineering and Computing Department 
(Chair: Dr. Muhieddin Amer)

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department 
(Chair: Dr. Wael Abdel Samad)

Science and Liberal Arts Department 
(Chair: Dr. Jillian M. Pandor)


As part of their bachelor’s degree requirements, students must complete an immersion—a concentration of three courses in a particular area. These upper-level courses are used to meet RIT’s general education requirements. In many cases, an immersion can lead to a minor with the addition of two courses. However, not all minors have a corresponding immersion and vice versa. 

These are the immersions available at RIT Dubai:

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