Dubai Silicon Oasis

RIT Dubai was established in 2008 in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Headquarters. In 2011, RIT Dubai moved to Techno Point building in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). DSO instituted RIT Dubai and sponsors the university.

Establishing Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), a 100% government-owned free zone, was established following Law #16 in 2005 of the Government of Dubai to support the region's demand for business expansion with the mission to ‘facilitate and promote modern technology-based industries.’ A full package of incentives and benefits are provided to companies operating within the free zone. DSO is a technology park and provides an integrated living and working community.

About Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Dubai Digital Park - DSODSO's urban master-planned community spans 7.2 million square meters and has been carefully divided into 5 main pillars: industrial, commercial, education, living and residences, and public facilities. It is designed as a high-tech ecosystem which offers businesses a plethora of advantages including a state-of-the-art infrastructure featuring advanced telecommunications, electricity, and road networks. It also features technology investment incentives for large enterprises, entrepreneurial support, an incubation center, and venture capital funding.

RIT Dubai as a Cornerstone

The strategic alliance provides DSO with:

  • Access to a local and regional pool of technical and engineering talent
  • Business plan sponsorship
  • Project/R&D assistance
  • Mentorship programs
  • Internship schemes

DSO companies benefit from high-quality university talent at their doorstep. RIT Dubai provides world-class graduates to many of the world's leading technology companies located in DSO.

Our graduates also benefit from DSO Ecosystem by having access to the many training and development opportunities provided by DSO and the international companies that it hosts.

The DSO High-Tech Ecosystem

DSO is dedicated to promoting technological collaboration and innovation in the country. Consequently, their experienced team of technology experts has carefully studied the world's top technology parks in order to identify the essential elements for business success. As a result, their high-tech eco-system is specifically designed for technology-based organizations to interact and support one another in order for innovation, technology, and business to thrive. 

DSO is home to some of the largest technology pioneers in the world such as Fujitsu, Western Digital, Corning, and Schneider Electric. The technology park offers an array of reasons for these enterprises to establish operations here, including:

  • Direct access to MENA markets
  • High quality facilities and infrastructure tailored for global or regional headquarters
  • World-class R&D facilities
  • Support and protection for IP development
  • Investment incentives including: preferential leasing rates, subsidized EDA tools, and subsidized staff accommodation
  • Henkel
  • 3W Networks
  • Nortel Networks
  • Wavetec
  • Synopsys

DSO views start-ups as the engine of innovation, and that is why they provide small and medium-size businesses with the launching pad to propel themselves to their full potential. At Dubai Silicon Oasis, everything is geared to assist young entrepreneurs and start-up companies flourish.

Entrepreneurial and Start Up Support

DTEC Dubai Silicon Oasis

DSO offers:

  • Mentorship programs
  • Clusters of start-ups and mentorships to enhance collaboration and innovation
  • Access to MENA markets
  • Advice on market strategy and business planning
  • Introduction to large DSO networks  
  • Support and protection for IP development
  • Incubator program and facilities

Furthermore, DSO offers a special Entrepreneur Business License (EBL) for young entrepreneurs. This is only available for members of DSO's incubator program and involves a low-cost license in return for a small stake in the business.

Notable start-ups at DSO:

  • Celoxica
  • Ketab
  • Invensense
  • Kevi

Venture Capital Investment

DSO is committed to fueling high-tech innovation, and that is why we are looking to invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with the ability to develop powerful ideas into powerful companies. By providing our own investment fund as well as a strong network of technology-focused venture capitalists, DSO gives a strong platform for idea-strong tech businesses.

Silicon Oasis Founders (SOF)

Silicon Oasis Founders (SOF), wholly owned by Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, has a strategic commercial ambition and clear long-term vision: "To become the leading incubator that supports regional high potential ventures in the seed phase.”

SOF focuses on fostering local entrepreneurial talent in the promising field of mobile application space and related technologies. SOF's expertise will help emerging entrepreneurs refine their business proposals and accelerate growth.

If you have an existing business and you want to boost performance, or even if you are seeking partial or complete funding, then we welcome your application. Do not hesitate to contact Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus to learn more about our incubation models.

Silicon Oasis Founders benefits:

  • Offers the largest selection and best quality incubation services in the region
  • Meets the individual needs of the incubated venture
  • Increases the likelihood of success
  • Accelerates the time to market
  • Improves the chances of receiving venture capital
  • Lowers the risk of personal liability
  • Benefits from the knowledge of serial entrepreneurs
  • Forces the entrepreneur to think through all important aspects of a start-up
  • Access DSOA Network

We challenge you to join us and benefit from the experience of a highly professional incubation team. We are confident we can help you realize your dreams of starting your own successful business.

More about DSO

DSO’s urban master-planned community spans 7.2 million square meters with state-of-the-art office towers, R&D and industrial zones, educational institutions, villas and apartments, healthcare, and a full range of lifestyle facilities that translate into a dynamic commercial and social environment. By injecting a large capital investment to cater to the needs of high-tech industries, DSO currently enjoys one of the most developed infrastructures in the region. It features advanced telecommunications, a fibre optic network, tier 3 data centre with 120 high capacity racks, and a high-tech utility infrastructure with 8 power stations with a capacity of 1,600 megawatts.

The technology park possesses a combined fire, water, and irrigation supply system which is supported by a pump station and a 5,000 cubic meter underground irrigation tank. A sanitary water network provides a potable water supply of 44,525 cubic meters per day based on an estimated population of 162,400 working and/or living in the Silicon Oasis.

In order to keep up the rapid expansion of the area, DSO is in the process of completing a network of roads allowing quick and easy in and out access to Dubai's major highways.

Commercial and Residential Facilities

Residential villas at DSO

In addition, DSO offers a wide array of high-quality facilities to those working and living in DSO.

Commercial Facilities

  • 'Plug & Play' offices
  • Light Industrial Units (LIU) & Warehousing
  • Land for development
  • Conference facilities

Residential Facilities

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Hi-tech Ecosystem

The Government of Dubai strongly endorses technology enterprise by providing a favorable business climate. This support is displayed through zero taxes, a superior infrastructure, business friendly laws and regulations, and access to a region of 1.8 billion people. In just 3 years, the region's technology sector has grown rapidly with IT spending in the Gulf expected to hit 180 billion AED.

One-Stop-Shop Services

In addition to a positive business environment conducive to technological innovation, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority provides a comprehensive range of in-house government services all under one roof. All companies located in DSO enjoy a strong customer-orientated service structure with DSOA furnishing direct help lines and a dedicated client management service with professionally trained staff to attend to all needs.

Whether you require a business license, an employee work permit, or a family residence visa, DSOA provides for all your needs.

Learn more about our in-house government services for businesses

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