Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Ghalib Y. Kahwaji

Department:Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Phone number:043712058


Dr. Ghalib holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University (CSU) and M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mosul, Iraq. Dr. Kahwaji joined RIT-Dubai as a professor of thermo-fluids, air conditioning and renewable energy systems. Prior to joining RIT, he spent five years in industry and engineering consulting as the head of MEP design department and engineering manager at Al-Gurg Consultants - Dubai and TRANSCO - Abu Dhabi where his work involved large-scale water transmission systems, energy systems for high rise and industrial buildings in the UAE. He also leads in the design of many green buildings in Dubai.

Prior to moving to the UAE, Dr. Kahwaji served as the assistant dean for research and graduate programs and chairman of the department of mechanical engineering at the college of engineering, University of Mosul from 2003 till 2006 and as a faculty of mechanical engineering since 1987. During his work at the mechanical engineering department, Dr. Kahwaji participated in reviewing undergraduate and graduate programs, developed and started the PhD program in 1992 and saw its progress till 2006. Dr. Kahwaji has more than 40 publications, supervised 23 MSc and PhD students and was deeply involved with the industrial sector in Iraq through the Engineering Consulting Bureau of the University.

  • Ph.D. from Colorado State University, U.S.A.
  • M.Sc. from University of Mosul, Iraq
  • Thermo-fluids, CFD simulations.
  • Convective heat transfer
  • Energy systems optimization
  • Sustainability and Renewable energy systems
  • Air conditioning and built environment research
Recent publications
  • Kahwaji, G.Y. and Samaha, M.A. (2018) “Passive Natural Convection Augmentation from Horizontal Cylinder Using a Novel Shroud–Chimney Configuration,” Journal of Heat Transfer, Transactions of the ASME, under review.
  • Al-Sarrach, H.M.S., Kahwaji, G.Y., and Samaha, M.A. (2017) “Modeling Coupled Conduction–Convection Ice Formation on Horizontal Axially Finned and Unfinned Tubes,” Journal of Fluids Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, 139, pp. 121101.1--121101.13.
  • Al-Kahla, I., Kahwaji, G.Y., Samaha, M.A., (2018) “Numerical investigation of high capacity ground-coupled heat exchanger performance for water cooled chillers services,” Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 71st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, November 18-20, 2018, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.
  • Samaha, M.A., Kahwaji, G.Y., Ali, O. and Taha, M. (2018) “Passive natural convection augmentation from horizontal cylinder using a novel shroud−chimney configuration: Experimental
  • approach,” International Colloquium on Advanced Convergence Engineering 2018, October 11-12, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, South Korea.
  • Samaha, M. and Kahwaji, Ghalib, “ Passively Enhanced Convection Heat Transfer Around Cylinder Using Shrouds”, The DFD17 Meeting of The American Physics Society, Denver, Co., Nov-2017 Kahwaji, Ghalib and Alnahdi, Muna, “ LV versus MV chillers: comparative Analysis of the Electrical Requirements and Environmental Impacts”, 4th Int. Conference on Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change, ESCC 2017, Greece, June-2017.
  • Kahwaji, G.Y., Samaha, M.A., and Al-Sarrach, H.M.S. (2016) “Modeling of the Coupled Conduction-Convection Ice Formation on a Horizontal Finned Tube under Density Inversion Conditions,” Global Summit and Expo on Fluid Dynamics & Aerodynamics, 15–16 August, London, UK.
  • Kahwaji et.al, “Simulation of Operational Faults of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems Compromising Energy Consumption for Abu Dhabi Future Schools (ADFS), International journal of Engineering Research and Reviews, Vol.4, Issue 2, 2016.
  • Ali, O,M and Kahwaji, G.Y., “Numerical Investigation of Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Circular Cylinder Inside an Enclosure Using Different Types of Nanofluids” , IJMET, Volume 5, Issue 5, May (2014), pp. 214-236
Older significant publications
  • Kahwaji G. and Hamdoon, O, M., " A Numerical Solution of the Coupled Heat Transfer Process During Freezing on a Finned Tube", University of Mouta' Journal, Jordan, no. 1, 2005
  • A. Al-Essa and Ghalib Y. Kahwaji, “Side by Side Comparison of Two Types of Integral Collector Storage Solar Systems”, Proc. First Jordanian Mech. Eng. Conf., Amman, Jordan, June 25-28, 1995.
  • W. Mustafa, Ghalib Y. Kahwaji and B. Al-Ali,” An Optimum Refrigeration System Controller,” Engineering and Technology, Vol. 12-No. 5-1993.
  • Kahwaji G.Y. and Mohammed S.A., "Performance of an ice storage assisted air conditioning system", University of Sharjah Science and Technology Journal, Feb- 2007.
  • Kahwaji G.Y, P. Burns and C. B. Winn, “ Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients from a Full Scale Test, “ ASME J. Solar Energy Eng. Vol. 111, May 1989
  • Kahwaji G, et al, “A Digital Air Conditioning System Controller for Medium Size Commercial Buildings,” Proc., Int. Conf. On Ref. And Air-cond., Amman, Jordan, Oct. 1988.
  • Kahwaji G, et al, “A Calorimeter Based System for Calibrating Velocity Sensing Probes,” Proc. of the 11th Nat. Passive Solar Conf., Boulder, CO. - 1986.
  • Active member in ASHRAE Falcon chapter, UAE.
  • Founder/Member of the UAE-EDC, Engineering Deans Council.
  • Member, EGBC, Emirates Green Buildings Council
  • Judge, EGBC sustainability awards.
  • Provided technical expertise to many local industries in the cement, power production and oil fields.
  • Serving on the editorial board of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy.
  • Serving on the editorial board of the Journal of Advanced Engineering Research
  • Served on local society committees.
  • Technical Reviewer for, Energy- The International Journal, Elsevier, Science and Energy Journal and many others.
  • Developed joint Ph.D. program between Colorado State University and the University of Mosul.
  • Developed Ph.D. program at the department of Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Mosul and taught many courses and supervised students research.
  • Developed and participated in many Engineers development continuing education courses.
  • Developed and applied a new method in mechanical engineering laboratories teaching.