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A Global Campus

A Global Campus

RIT - A Global University

RIT is a global university based in Rochester, New York with students and faculty at its international campuses around the world. RIT’s mission is to educate students to be successful in a global society, develop an awareness of the world around them and an understanding of cross-cultural issues. To accomplish the mission, RIT operates in five different countries and currently offers study abroad programs in Croatia, Dubai and Kosovo.

Collaborating between campuses, RIT has developed specialized programs for students to travel and study during the academic year and in the summer. Whether you are a RIT student or study at other institutions around the world, you can travel, study and become a member of today’s global society.

RIT’s international campuses enrol students from around the world, with all programs delivered in English, setting the stage for a truly global experience with no barriers to communication.

Students from all RIT campuses are encouraged to experience ‘study abroad’ within its global network. All courses completed at RIT international campuses are recorded as official RIT academic transcripts which student can use within their RIT program of study or transfer to other U.S. educational institutions. Students at RIT partner universities can earn a degree and diploma accredited by RIT.

Current Study Abroad Programs at RIT Dubai:

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