Faculty Profile 2

Dr. Philippe Bouvier

Designation:Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department:Graduate Programs and Research
Phone number:


Dr. Philippe Bouvier is the President of INREGU, a French institute of research and executive education in urban digital transformation. In collaboration with universities, he delivers educational programs to graduates and professionals as adjunct professor of practice related to strategy, digital transformation, and innovation.

Dr. Bouvier has 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences in consulting, engineering, audit, research, business development, entrepreneurship, innovation, and education. In parallel to his professional experience, he devotes time to publish his thoughts in articles, and present them at conferences.

He holds a PhD in urban studies from Paris University and an executive MBA from INSEAD.
French, native (French nationality)
English, fluent
Spanish and Japanese, limited working proficiency (used to be fluent)
Arabic, elementary proficiency (still studying)

  • Ph.D. with Honors, University Paris 7, Urban Studies
  • Executive MBA, INSEAD, Graduate School of Business (Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Fontainebleau, San Francisco)
  • M.Sc., University Lyon 1, Signal processing and acoustics
  • M.Eng., CPE ICPI Lyon, Electronics, Signal processing and computer science
  • B.Eng. with Honors, Coventry University UK, Combined engineering studies
  • Urban digital transformation
  • City foresight planning
  • Virtual cities

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