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Human Factors Lab

Human Factors Lab

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Human Factors Lab

The human factors Laboratory (Research Center) is an interdisciplinary space that allows students and researchers to explore and experiment with the Human Machine Seamless and Safe “Integration”.

In addition to traditional ergonomics teaching, we have positions that explore aspects of Worker, Athlete, Driver, and Pilot safety, the Center started a collaboration with the Center of Advanced Neurosciences in RIT, NY  in the field of Neuro-engineering where we are leveraging advances of Research in neurosciences, robotics, computer, Cognitive sciences, and Engineering to advance our understanding of how brains operate and develop applications to support Human Capabilities Augmentations through Human Machine Integration.

The laboratory provides students from all disciplines with a creativity and innovation sandbox to develop and prototype products for ISEE 330 Ergonomics and Human Factors, ISEE 771 Systems Engineering, and many other courses that are involved in the innovation Journey

  • Athlete and Driver Safety position

  • Human Augmentation focuses on creating cognitive and physical improvements as an integral part of the human body. An example is using active control systems to create limb prosthetics with characteristics that can exceed the highest natural human performance.

  • Mind Control and Neuro-Engineering. An application within biomedical engineering that uses engineering techniques to understand, repair, replace, or enhance neural systems.