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Critique your own captioning

Always take time to review your own real time transcripts. Things to look at include — use of abbreviations (unexpanded, not used, not available), typos, formatting, spelling, white space, punctuation, sentence completion, tone/expression communication, gaps in or missed information. Read over transcripts, new and old! Look for ways to improve your skills and for ways you have improved! Other ways to generate feedback:

  • Arrange a peer review – Ask another captionist to provide feedback and suggestions using the criteria above or some you have developed. This can be done by providing the captionist with a real time transcript or by arranging for the captionist to view a real time session (via a C-Print client app or a screen share program).
  • Record a captioning session (it can be a brief practice session) using a screen recording application. There are a few free applications available (for example, Jing and Krut), or you can purchase an application if desired (for example, Camtasia).