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Requestor Information
Requestor Name: 
Karin Garrett
Monroe One Educational Services (BOCES)
New York
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Karin Garrett
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Job Details
Captionist Position Available: 
Full time
Specific Requirements: 

LOCATION OF POSITION:  Monroe One BOCES – 41 O’Connor Road, Fairport NY 14450; Deaf Ed/Audiology/Vision Program
TERM OF EMPLOYMENT:  10 Month Position, Full Time; Anticipated Openings for the 2022-2023 School Year

STARTING DATE: September 6, 2022

1.   Complete Captionist Training.
2.   Provide students with quality real-time access to information and prepare complete, accurate, edited notes for the student each day.  Type “meaning for meaning” translation of what is said in the classroom by teachers and students.
3.   After class, save the real time translation. Edit the material for content, spelling, grammar, and organization and remove any extraneous content.
4.   Individualize notetaking format to match student needs and plan for dissemination of notes. Re-evaluate and make corrections, deletions and/or additions to notes, when necessary, before distribution.
5.   Be present and punctual daily for each of assigned student's class periods for the academic year, even when student is absent.  (Arrive early and be prepared with computer, papers, pens, and required books for the day’s classes.)
6.   Become familiar with the assigned client/student, and related support service personnel.
7.   Prepare for classes in advance by reading course material and adding content specific abbreviations into the C-Print dictionary.
8.   Manage computers and trouble shoot as necessary.
9.   Maintain diplomatic working relationships with teachers, parents, students, and other support service personnel.  Use discretion in matters of confidentiality and reporting incidents or concerns to support staff, i.e., student abusing or ignoring services.
10. Meet with involved teachers, parents, and support service personnel when appropriate.
11. Respond to teachers’ and other students’ questions regarding deafness or refer to an appropriate source of further information.
12. Keep up-to-date records on schedules and students for the Deaf/ASL Education office and substitutes.
13. Read and respond to email communication daily.
14. Attend training sessions, scheduled Notetaker/Captionist and Deaf Education staff meetings and perform related duties as agreed upon with Program Coordinator or direct supervisor.

1.   Typing speed of at least 50 words per minute.
2.   Ability to process auditory information quickly and condense as necessary.
3.   High-level English skills, with emphasis on phonetic aptitude.
4.   Able to work independently, with a variety of children and adults.
5.   Able to make decisions quickly in impromptu situations.
6.   Able to adapt to a variety of subjects and teaching styles and to interpret lessons into clear, concise notes.
7.   Good working knowledge of computers (windows operating system, word processing applications, email, up-loading and down-loading attachments).
8.   Able to work with computer technicians to trouble-shoot PC issues.
9.   Experience working in a classroom setting.
10. Desire to work with students who are deaf/hard of hearing or students with disabilities.
11. Legible handwriting.
12. Bachelor's degree (preferred).
13. Physically able to perform essential functions of the position (with or without reasonable accommodation).

Equipment Provided By: 
Start Date: 
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
End Date: 
Friday, June 23, 2023
Additional Information: 
Interested candidates should apply by clicking the link at the bottom of the job description.