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C-Print Pro Server


The C-Print Pro Server application is used by trained captionists to provide speech-to-text services. Single licenses are available. Additionally, we offer a 20% discount on a 5-pack and a 25% discount on a 10-pack of licenses.

Academic Pricing Eligibility

Academic institutions must meet the criteria for one of the following:

  • Be a public or private school, vocational school, correspondence school, junior college, university, scientific or technical institution.
  • Be a public elementary, secondary, vocational and/or correspondence school accredited by applicable Board of Education of the prospect.
  • Be a private elementary, secondary, vocational and/or correspondence school accredited by a national, regional or state agency, including the administrative offices.

Other qualified institutions or individuals may include the following:

  • Public or private non-profit agencies/organizations and students utilizing the product(s) to support persons with disabilities. To receive the discount, the organization is required to provide verification of non-profit or student status.

IMPORTANT: To purchase the software, you must agree to complete or have successfully completed the C-Print training program. 

Before you add software to your cart, please agree to complete or certify that you have already have completed the online training. If we are unable to verify completion of or participation in the training, your purchase of the software will be refunded minus a $20 refund charge.

If you have any questions about the status of your training completion, please contact C-Print Customer Support.

I certify that I have completed or will complete C-Print Captionist Training before using C-Print Pro Software to provide captioning services.