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Student and captionistThe C-Print® captionist training is an online education program designed to give individuals the basic skills for providing C-Print captioning services. The training incorporates a variety of topics that are essential for promoting success, not only for the captionist, but also for the client receiving services.

The skill-building portion of the program includes training in the C-Print abbreviation system, condensing strategies and preparation of real-time text and notes. The training course is available online through the Rochester Institute of Technology course management system, and access to the C-Print Pro Server software is needed to complete the training modules and all offline audio practice.

Recommended skills

Many years of research and training with the C-Print system have shown that certain skills are a prerequisite to a successful training experience. These skills include:

  • Ability to type a minimum of 60 words-per-minute (with high accuracy)
  • Good listening and comprehension skills (read more)
  • Good English grammar and spelling skills (read more)
  • Good basic computer skills (read more)

In addition to the skills listed above, it’s highly recommended that candidates have the desire to learn, as they will be participating in a self-directed online course. Candidates also should possess a confident personality because they are often “on display”– that is, what they type is seen immediately by the student or students, mistakes and all. A successful captionist must have enough self-confidence to accept that he or she will make mistakes, will sometimes be corrected by the students, and sometimes will be placed in awkward situations. A confident personality probably is as much of a requirement as typing skills. It also is important for captionists to be able to work without supervision, and demonstrate acceptable/expected professional behavior within a school setting (e.g., friendly but not too friendly with students, dealing with others on an educational team).

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