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Victoria MacPherson

Victoria MacPherson

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Major: Biomedical Science with a concentration in Urban Studies.

Why I chose my major: When I became 16, I volunteered with my local EMS to explore my interest in medicine. My experiences with the ambulance squad reinforced my interest. I also worked at Will’s Eye Hospital in Philadelphia and volunteered at a local oncology center. I really love learning about anything science related and understanding how things work. A combination of the clinical experience I gained and my curiosity led me to develop a passion for medicine. Medicine is a field that is constantly changing and there are always new discoveries and technological advances, which keep me stimulated intellectually since I get bored easily.

Why I chose RIT: The challenging academic and social opportunities offered by RIT/NTID for deaf students are not easily found in other colleges and universities. The Rochester area has a very strong deaf community, which allows me to have easy access to the activities, and support and understanding of others with a shared background.

Best part of living on campus: It’s pretty convenient being able to walk to class and not have to deal with all the parking tickets.

Dream job: Being a physician locally and on call for Doctors Without Borders. I would love to get involved in health care at a local and international level.

Favorite spot on campus: I can never turn down Ben & Jerry’s.

Favorite professor: Dr. Merrill. He is an amazing professor who has been my mentor since freshman year. If you have a question, there’s a 95% chance he’ll know the answer. He gave me an amazing opportunity to attend his study abroad program in Croatia this past fall of 2012. Through this study abroad experience, Dr. Merrill taught four courses related to the ethics in medicine, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Croatian health care system, Croatian culture and case studies in medicine. I don’t think I have ever learned so much in a 10-week period than I did that quarter.

Favorite class: I would have to say the Case Studies in Medicine class is my favorite class. This was one of the courses I took in Croatia with 9 other students. We would receive a case study without the diagnosis and debate for days before we came to our own diagnosis. There would be a case debrief with Dr. Merrill and our group, which was considered our oral exam. I learned how to evaluate symptoms based on a deep understanding of how the body functions rather than memorizing the symptoms of each disease or disorder. The second reason this class was so valuable is because it taught me the importance of team-based learning, which is what medical schools typically use.

What excites me about RIT: One aspect that excites me personally is the establishment of the College of Health Sciences and Technology (and the crepe store next to it). There is always something new being developed somewhere on campus.

My most memorable experience at RIT/NTID: My entire junior year from when I studied abroad in Croatia and started working in Dr. Michel’s biochemistry lab to now, studying for the MCATs and applying to medical schools. So much has happened in the last few months alone and it’s finally boiling down to the last step of my undergraduate career, getting into medical school. I owe it all to the professors that opened doors for me by giving me all of these opportunities including Dr. Merrill, Professor Toscano, Dr. Michel and Dr. Wright.

If I could tell prospective students only one thing about RIT/NTID, it would be: Dress warm! 

Favorite place to eat in Rochester: Panera Bread. There’s nothing I enjoy eating more than a refreshing mango smoothie and a bagel.

Favorite movie: I would have to say the Harry Potter Series, all of them.

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