This website serves as the location to review NTID faculty publications, presentations, projects, exhibits, performances, fellowships, and other scholarly work

Scholarly work must be entered through the RIT Scholarship site which accepts submissions at select periods of time throughout the year. Following entry, information will be available after a short period of time on this site.

NTID Research Agenda

NTID determines topics for research on the basis of a research agenda and priorities derived from a variety of sources in the college and in the field, including the NTID National Advisory Group and the Department of Education. NTID researchers conduct ongoing programmatic research, as well as special institutional research projects reflecting institute priorities and performance indicators from the Department of Education. As a result of the new priorities laid out in Strategic Decisions 2020, programmatic research projects will fall into five categories:

  1. Teaching and Learning
  2. Cognition and Language
  3. Communication
  4. Technology, Access, and Support Services
  5. Employment and Adaptability to Social Changes and the Global Workplace

As required by the Education of the Deaf Act (2008), NTID regularly solicits public input on the institute’s research priorities through its research websites and publications. The research publications that solicited input were NTID Research Bulletin, NTID Papers and Publications, and Implications of NTID Research.