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Faculty Scholarship

Important Message

The Faculty Scholarship Submission Tool is currently offline.
If you have any questions regarding the Faculty Scholarship Report please email Nick Paulus at
Thank you for your support!

Nick Paulus
Scholarly Publishing Studio


RIT's FSR is an annual publication that highlights RIT faculty's scholarly achievements for each calendar year.

What type of scholarship can be submitted into the report?

The Faculty Scholarship Report represents "published" scholarship from RIT and was designed to accommodate disseminated and peer-reviewed scholarship from all colleges on campus ranging from: published papers and books, creation of new digital products, crafting artistic works and more.

Who came up with the list of accepted scholarship for this Report?

This list was designed to accommodate scholarship from all colleges on campus and the list of accepted scholarship for this Report was collaboratively created by the Provost, Deans, and Nick Paulus. Currently there are 16 approved types of scholarly items for the Faculty Scholarship Report.

I have submitted my scholarship — why can't I see it on-line?

All submissions go through a rigorous review process conducted by the RIT Open Access Publishing staff to ensure that submissions are complete and fit one of the accepted categories of scholarship. The website is updated in April.

If an issue arises concerning the appropriateness of a submission, the final decision concerning its acceptance is made by their Dean (or appointed member of that college.)

Can I submit scholarship for previous years or is it just of the current calendar year.

The website has archived scholarship dating back to 2010. You can submit scholarship for dating back to that calendar year. Your submissions will be visible in the archived year's website when the current calendar year is launched in April.

The submission site has a function that allows files to be uploaded and included in RIT's online institutional repository, RIT Scholar Works — where can I find more information about RIT Scholar Works?

For questions, or for more information, contact RIT Scholar Works staff at Or check out the repository at

All articles uploaded should be pre-print copies of the published article.

I don't have time to enter all my scholarship into the system. Is there another way to enter the data?

Yes. Admins can be assigned to assist faculty in the submission process. Contact Nick Paulus at to see if your college/department has an administrator or if you would like to assign an administrator to your department.

I have a type of disseminated/published scholarship that is not included in the list of accepted scholarship for the report. How do I add a category to the list?

Contact Nick Paulus to begin the process of adding a new Category. New categories are added almost every year.

All my scholarship is published and accessible in various on-line databases. Can you pull the information you need for this report from the databases so I don't have to manually do this data input?

At this time we do not have the capability to do that.