Scholarships and Financial Aid

At RIT Dubai you can qualify for scholarships based on your scholastic and extracurricular achievement. All students are eligible for a scholarship based on the criteria below:

RIT Dubai’s Admissions Office strongly believes in ensuring that highly motivated and academically strong students are rewarded for their efforts and achievements. Additionally, RIT Dubai scholarships encourage students to excel in their course work and become valuable participants in extracurricular and community activities. The goals and objectives of RIT Dubai scholarships and financial aid are to:

  • attract students with outstanding academic achievements through a merit-based scholarship incentive 
  • support student success and promote academic excellence throughout the student’s course of study by extending scholarship to current students
  • provide an opportunity to qualified students with financial constraints to fulfill their ambition of joining RIT Dubai by providing necessary financial aid

Students can qualify for the following scholarships and discounts:

RIT Dubai Academic Scholarship: This award is granted to undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional academic records.

RIT Dubai Academic Scholarship: First 50 students enrolling in Business Management programs are entitled for the scholarship.

RIT Dubai Extracurricular Achievement Scholarship

This award is granted to qualified undergraduate and graduate students  with strong academic records and exceptional extracurricular achievements (e.g. drama, music, chess) during their time at RIT Dubai or the school or university attended immediately prior to RIT Dubai. Students should give evidence of their participation and leadership in an activity or activities which demonstrate outstanding ability, initiative, and dedication. Outstanding extracurricular achievements are the primary criteria for this scholarship, An applicant’s academic record and the overall requirements for their academic program are also reviewed. Scholarships are granted to qualified undergraduate and graduate applicants.

RIT Dubai Athletic Scholarship

At RIT Dubai we recognize the importance of athletics and we're pleased to announce scholarships up to 50% for academic achievers who are athletically talented. Students can apply athletics scholarship if they play one of below mentioned sports:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Basketball

For more information on how to apply, please contact the Athletics Coordinator, Mr. Tashriq at Click here for FAQ's.

RIT Dubai Interscholastic Achievement Scholarships

This award is granted to students who have exhibited exceptional achievements in interscholastic activities (e.g. ballet, golf, drama, music, chess) outside of their required coursework. The RIT Dubai Scholarship Committee reviews admission applications in search for candidates who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and maturity levels, which are all necessary qualities of successful RIT Dubai students. A scholarship is granted primarily to applicants who have exhibited outstanding interscholastic achievements. An applicant’s academic record and the overall requirements for their academic program are also reviewed. Scholarships are granted to qualified undergraduate and graduate applicants.

RIT Dubai Executive Experience Award- Graduate Students only

This award is granted to qualified graduate students who have 2 or more years of full-time relevant work experience in their area of study and have demonstrated considerable achievements in this field  Applicants are required to draft a brief summary of their experience including title, job description, and projects, and explain how this experience relates to and will help them to be successful in their program. The primary criteria for this award is outstanding work experience in a related field of study but an applicant’s academic record and the overall requirements for their academic program are also reviewed.

RIT Dubai Undergraduate Students

All RIT Undergraduate students wishing to continue their Graduate studies at RIT Dubai are eligible for 30% scholarship.

Sibling Discount 

A student whose sibling is concurrently enrolled at RIT Dubai can receive a discount on tuition fees.  This discount is in addition to any merit-based scholarships awarded and is evaluated for applicability on a term-by-term basis.

Number of Siblings Discount
1 5%
2 10%
3 15%
4 or more 20%

Alumni Discount 

An Alumni whose sibling is enrolled at RIT Dubai can receive a discount of 5%.

Financial Aid

In addition to merit-based scholarships, RIT Dubai offers financial aid to students who need financial assistance to be able to attend RIT Dubai. Financial aid packages are awarded based on financial need and includes extensive review and consideration of not only the student’s school records and extracurricular activities, but also their family’s financial status. Below mentioned documents are required:

  • Stamped bank statement/s (last 6 months)
  • Salary certificate/s
  • Rental contract
  • Fees for any siblings in High School or University
  • Passport and visa page copies of all family members
  • Any additional supporting documents (medical and/or other expenses if any)

How to apply:

Prospective students can apply for a scholarship at the time of application for admission. Current students can apply for a scholarship at the end of each academic year. All awards are valid for one academic year for undergraduate students and one semester for graduate students. All awards are reevaluated each year based on the student’s academic performance.

Prospective Students:

The RIT Dubai Scholarship Committee uses student achievement in secondary education and performance on standardized tests to assess incoming undergraduate students for award eligibility. Incoming graduate students are assessed using their undergraduate GPA and any relevant industry achievements and contributions. Graduate students may also choose to include scores from standardized tests such as GMAT for scholarship evaluation, even if they are not required for admissions to the program they are applying to.

Current Students:

Eligibility for scholarships for returning students are determined by the student’s cumulative GPA at RIT Dubai and any demonstrated leadership role in extracurricular activities or competitions that has resulted in a significant impact on the UAE or the global landscape and produced a positive image of RIT Dubai and its programs.

Our scholarships are competitive and require students to maintain excellent academic performance.  For details and application, please contact your academic advisor or email or call +971 4 371 2000.