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People of Determination

People of Determination

RIT Dubai campus is committed to ensuring accessibility for all, providing inclusive facilities and support to accommodate the needs of students and visitors with disabilities.

Campus Accessibility

RIT Dubai is committed to providing equal educational opportunity and participation for its community. The campus is accessible for those with disabilities/people of determination. RIT Dubai may also be able to make reasonable campus, housing and/or academic accommodations to facilitate equal access and inclusion in opportunities, programs, and services.

A member of the RIT community can request for a general accommodation by contacting Student Affairs.

Special Accommodations (People of Determination)

RIT Dubai encourages students to engage in the campus community. Student Affairs coordinates reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments to policies, practices, or procedures that facilitate equal access for students with disabilities to RIT Dubai’s programs, activities, and services.

How do I know if I am eligible for Special Accommodations support?

People can be born with disabilities or acquire them; they can be temporary or permanent.


You may be eligible for Special Accommodations support if you have been diagnosed with short-term or long-term special needs such as learning difficulties, a physical disability, or an emotional or behavioral difficulty affecting your academic success or overall well-being on campus.  If you are unsure whether you should submit this form, please contact Ms. Christina Ayub, cxacad1@rit.edu (Student Affairs).

Students who qualify for Special Accommodations support must have a disability that substantially limits a major life activity. Documentation should include a specific diagnosis and be completed by a qualified licensed professional.


Students with temporary disabilities may also seek support.  Students with temporary disabilities must follow the same registration procedures as all other registered students. When appropriate, accommodations are approved on a temporary basis. An example of a temporary disability: broken arm, required use of a wheelchair as a result of an injury, or a sudden psycho-emotional state that inhibits one’s well-being and/or academic success.

Applying for Special Accommodations

Download and complete the SNA form and submit the form, required supporting documentation to Ms. Christina Ayub (Student Affairs) (cxacad1@rit.edu). Once the Form and documents required are complete, you will be invited for an in-person meeting.

Requesting for Changes to Current Special Accommodations

If you are interested in requesting additional accommodations or changes to your current accommodations, request an appointment with Ms. Christina Ayub cxacad1@rit.edu (Student Affairs). 

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