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RIT Dubai recognizes the importance of sports to student life and personal development. Students are encouraged to be active in sports as it will help students not only to gain vital experience and skills, but students engaged in sports have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, work in a team and learn that regular practice and dedication lead to success.

The Student Affairs Department provides a wide range of quality sports and recreational opportunities in an organized and safe environment. Good training and dedicated, professional coaches are key elements of the programs provided.

Varsity teams are comprised of skilled athletes that represent RIT by competing against other university teams. Being a varsity team player includes high commitment and full dedication to the team’s success. All varsity teams host mandatory practices and take part in many competitive tournaments throughout the year.

To be selected for a varsity team, students must attend the try-out sessions held at the beginning of each semester. Click on the sports of your choice and register now.

Clubs play a major role in student experiences at RIT. Joining a club is a great way to get involved in campus life! Club sports are typically managed and run by the students. Not only do club teams offer a fun but competitive atmosphere, but they can also link you to those who share the same passion for the sport. Club sports allow athletes to develop skills in a new activity, expand their competitive realms, meet new challenges, establish new goals, and engage with new friends.

  • Running Club

Welcome to RIT's Running club! The running club is dedicated to the fitness and well-being of the RIT community.


To promote health and fitness through various events and other activities.


  • To provide a more balanced running community at RIT

  • To offer support and encouragement through a team atmosphere

  • To bring positive recognition to RIT through racing and by being active in the community

  • Personal improvement of each runner's ability with respect to his/her own goals

Click here to join the club.


The RIT Dubai Powerlifting Club

The RIT Dubai Powerlifting Club aims to promote strength and the spirit of competition in the RIT community - for everyone with no exceptions!


We aim to help integrate newcomers into the world of powerlifting and create a healthy competitive environment through training sessions, powerlifting competitions, and more.


  • To promote strength and competition in our community.

  • To introduce the sport of powerlifting to those who are interested.

  • To create a space for seasoned and experienced powerlifters to compete within university.

  • To positively enable more women into participating in a male dominated sport.


The RIT Dubai AEGIS Club

The RIT Dubai Aegis  Club combines  martial arts and self-defence, making use of them in maintaining fitness and self-protection. We also provide a safe environment for martial artists to express their skills in a monitored environment.


  • To boost self-confidence

  • To improve physical and mental health

  • To protect oneself

  • To develop self-discipline


It doesn’t matter how fit you are or whether you’ve never played before. RIT Athletics provides quality, inclusive, and accessible recreation experiences for the RIT community who would like to improve their fitness, learn a new sport, or develop new skills. We offer a wide range of sports for students who are interested in low-level competitive games throughout the year, RIT Athletics organizes several intramurals or one-off events amongst students, staff, and faculty. You can register on your own or with your friends and we’ll get you involved in a game.


Sports Complex

The RIT Sports Complex is open to the entire RIT community and available for users to pursue individual, group, and team sports goals during regular building hours. The RIT Sports Complex values an individual’s right to access and utilize recreation facilities, programs, and services. We are committed to fostering a culture of respect, compassion, and inclusiveness among individuals and groups. All participants and staff are expected to uphold the rights of others and to be civil, respectful citizens of the RIT community.
RIT Dubai is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities which service the recreational and athletic needs of the RIT community.

Reception Area

General queries and information on facilities, programs, and activities are available at the reception desk. Facility reservations, locker assignments, and equipment rental are administered here. Across the reception area is the seating area.

Equipment Room

The RIT Dubai Athletics Division has a limited supply of sports equipment that will be provided to the RIT community. Equipment can be borrowed for approved activities and only during organized or booked training sessions. Users may bring in their own sports equipment. Equipment requests should be submitted 48 hours in advance of the activity.

Ladies only Fitness Centre

The ladies-only Fitness Centre is located on the ground floor of the sports complex. It has a wide range of exercise equipment (free weights, weight training, and cardio machines).

Squash Courts

Two courts are located on the south corner of the complex. These courts are well suited for training sessions, competitions, or open play.

Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall features two indoor courts that can be used for playing basketball, volleyball, futsal, and badminton in both organized sports and free recreation. It is equipped with bleachers capable of seating 158 people. Apart from the multipurpose hall, a locker room featuring storage lockers, changing facilities, and showers are conveniently located before entering the multipurpose halls.

Soccer Pitch

The 7v7 soccer pitch accommodates the various sports needs of the RIT community. The soccer pitch also offers a spectator seating area and equipped with floodlights for evening matches.

Athletics Scholarship:

At RIT University in Dubai, we recognize the importance of athletics and are pleased to announce scholarships up to 50% for academic achievers who are athletically talented. Students can apply for the athletic scholarship if they play one of the below-mentioned sports:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Badminton

The following documents must be submitted with the scholarship application:

  • Submit videos of your most recent game
  • A document that has your history as a player, strengths, past successes, and athletic skills
  • Reference letter from coach/PE teacher
  • Register for a team online

For more information on how to apply, please contact RIT Dubai Athletics at ritdubaiathletics@rit.edu. Click here for FAQ.


The Office of Student Affairs also honors high achieving student-athletes annually with specific athletic awards in the annual Student Affairs Awards Ceremony.