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Student Recreational Facilities

Student Recreational Facilities


Below are the Student Recreational Facilities RIT Dubai students can access:

  • Meditation Room (F120) 

The meditation room is furnished with bean bags and empty floor space for students who would like a quiet relaxing place between classes 

  • Quiet Reading Room (F121)

The Quite Reading Room is a common area for all students used for solo studying/reading sessions 

  • Women’s Lounge (F122) 

The Women’s Lounge is for female students only. Students use this space for group study sessions, to relax, and also to play board games. 

  • Common Lounge (F123 and F131)

The Common Lounge is used by all RIT students (male and female). Students use this space to unwind and catch up with each other. The second common lounge located next to the gaming room consists of a TV and Playstation for students. It also has a pool table and is a popular spot among the students.

  • Student Government Office (F124)

The Student Government Office is mainly used by the Student Government for their weekly meetings and other meetings between students. It is also occasionally booked for smaller events with a limited number of attendees. 

  • Art Room (Next to Women’s Prayer Room) 

The Art Room is equipped with easels, paint supplies, and all stationery required for the Art Club. It also has some artwork displayed on the walls donated by previous art club members. 

  • Music Room (F130) 

The Music Room is mainly used by our active Music Club. They also store their equipment in this space and use it for practice sessions. 

  • Gaming Room (F132) 

The Gaming Room has Foosball tables and Table Tennis as well. Students usually have music being played in this space and have organized several internal tournaments there as well. 

  • Women’s Prayer Room 

The women’s Prayer Room is located in Block F (Student Center) 1st Floor. It has a wudhu area and a separate prayer area. 

  • Men’s Prayer Room 

The men’s Prayer Room is located outside of the Mechanical Building. It has a wudhu area and a separate prayer area.