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11. New/Emerging Field and Allied Health Areas

If the proposal for an undergraduate degree falls into any of the following categories, submit a copy of an evaluation* of the program by a recognized expert in the field who has been approved in advance by the State Education Department. 

Submit a copy of the e-mail received from Sr. Associate Provost providing advanced approval of external evaluator.

In addition, submit the institution’s response to the evaluation and highlight how the proposal was modified in response to the reviewer’s comments. 

Categories of programs requiring this type of external review:

  1. Program’s subject matter represents a new or emerging field.
  2. Program is in an allied health area, unless the institution can demonstrate that the program is accredited by an accrediting body for college-level programs in the field.

*Confer with the Office of the Senior Associate Provost on selection and approval of external evaluator.

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