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#5. External Review (required for specific types of proposals)

  • External review of proposal by a recognized expert(s) in the field (who has been approved in advance by the New York State Education Department through the Office of the Senior Associate Provost) is required for certain types of proposals.  Such proposals include:
    • All graduate programs below the doctoral level
    • Undergraduate degree program in an allied health area, unless the program is accredited by an accrediting body for college-level programs in the field
    • Undergraduate programs which represent a new or emerging field
  •  When an external review is required:
    • It is expected that the proposed external reviewer be a recognized expert in the field of the program, as demonstrated by appropriate educational credentials, professional   experience and academic teaching and/or administrative experience in similar programs.
    • The proposed reviewer must not have a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest with the institution or program under review. There is a conflict of interest when the potential reviewer:
      • Is a present or former employee, student, member of the governing board, owner or shareholder of, or consultant to the institution that is seeking institutional accreditation from the Board of Regents; this includes those persons who may have consulted or helped develop the proposed program.
      • Is a spouse, parent, child or sibling of an individual or person listed above;
      • Has expressed an opinion for or against the proposed degree program;
      • Is seeking or being sought for employment or other relationship with the institution under review;
      • Has a personal or professional relationship with the institution under review that might compromise objectivity; and/or
      • Has a competitive relationship with the institution that might compromise objectivity.
      • The Sr. Associate Provost will vet these names and seek approval from NYSED.
    • Each peer reviewer must sign the “Conflict of Interest Guidelines” form. The Institution must keep a signed copy in their files.
    • Proposer should contact the Office of the Senior Associate Provost as early as possible to begin the process to identify the external reviewer.  The program proposer should send the Sr. Associate Provost suggested names and CV’s of at least three (3) recognized experts who meet the external reviewer criteria.
    • Proposer should include a brief description of the proposed program with the recommended reviewers’ materials.
    • The Sr. Associate Provost will vet these names and seek approval from NYSED.
  •  External evaluators are required to use the Evaluator Report Form in preparing their response.

  • Don’t forget that the program proposer is required to provide a response to the external evaluation including information on how the program proposal was modified in response to the reviewer’s comments.

  • The reviewer’s report and RIT’s response should be included in the proposal package sent to ICC or Grad Council for review.
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