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Appendix C - Internal Letters of Support

Include the following internal agreements and support documentation in Appendix C:

Impact statements and letters of support that identify impact new program will have on providing needed course sections, academic accommodations, and other shared resources required  from the following units:

  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Science
  • Other departments (other than program’s home department) including cost estimate for offering new courses or additional sections of current courses
  • Student Affairs (addressing any services likely to be affected by addition of this program)
  • NTID Support Services, including Access Services (Interpreting Services and C-Print).
  • ETC/On-line Learning
  • Appropriate RIT Librarian provides letter addressing sections 5a. and b of proposal
  • If program will share lab or studio space/equipment with other programs, provide documentation of this agreement
  • Other internal letters, as deemed appropriate by proposer
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