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Appendix D - Program Need and Marketability: External Letters of Support

Provide documentation from potential feeder schools, employers and directors of advanced educational programs in Appendix D to demonstrate the need and marketability of this program.

  • Preparers of this proposal should indicate the basis upon which individuals were selected to prepare external letters of support. Important qualifications include academic background, subject matter expertise, relevant hiring responsibility, involvement in acceptance of students to advanced programs, etc.
  • As appropriate, letters of support should be solicited from:
    • Graduate schools
    • Industrial advisors
    • Employers
    • Governmental agency representatives
    • Consultants
    • Professional organizations or agencies
    • Feeder schools
  • Letters should respond to questions such as the following:
    • Would a graduate of this curriculum be employable by your organization or others similar to yours?
    • What is your prediction of the job market for a graduate from this curriculum 5 years from now? 10 years from now?
    • What possibilities are available for a graduate from this program to advance in this area or occupation?
    • Would a graduate from this curriculum be expected to receive an advanced degree after employment?
    • Are there opportunities for graduates from this program to enter an advanced degree licensing program? Are there limitations? GPA desired? Number of openings? Number of applicants versus number of accepts?
    • Should any portion of the (new, revised, consolidated) curriculum be modified? If so, what and why?
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