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PROF 705

Context and Trends

The gateway course for students enrolled in the MS in Professional Studies Degree program.  Course provides students with opportunities to interact about controversial issues while discovering foundational knowledge about interdisciplinary history, theory, along with applied problem-solving, research methods and professional ethics.  Students use this course as a means of designing and receiving approval for individualized plans of study.  Students should consult their adviser before registering. 

3 Credits
PROF 770

Capstone Proposal Seminar

This course guides the student through preparation of the Capstone Proposal that is required for the applied final course of his/her MS in Professional Studies degree - the Capstone Project.  Student will determine a Capstone Project concept, and articulate the methods for implementing the Capstone Project. The course concludes with a paper describing the Capstone Project, including background and description, methodology, anticipated outcomes, and probable Capstone Advisor. Student will meet regularly with the course facilitator. Upon successful completion of this course, student will be registered for the Capstone Project.

0 Credit
PROF 775

Capstone Project

The capstone course for students enrolled in the MS in Professional Studies Degree program.  With individualized advising from a CMS faculty advisor, students participate in a real world problem solving project carried out in an organizational setting.   Problems selected for project work relate to a student’s professional course concentrations.  Course requirements involve completing a literature review, writing a project proposal, engaging in online discussion with CMS faculty advisor and other CMS capstone students, various kinds of field work carried, writing full draft and final academic reports and making a (Powerpoint) presentation.  Registration completed on behalf of students following faculty review of acceptable capstone project proposal. 

3 Credits
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