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2014 Graduates

The list of 2014 Graduates will be posted in the coming weeks. Please check back soon.

College of Imaging Arts and Sciences

Lorraine Justice, Ph.D., Dean
Twyla Cummings, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Debbie Kingsbury, Assistant Dean

School of Film and Animation

Malcolm Spaull, Administrative Chair

Film and Animation

Howard Lester, Program Chair

Film and Animation MFA

Film and Animation

Malcolm Spaull, Administrative Chair

Film and Animation BFA

Motion Picture Science

David Long, Administrative Chair

Motion Picture Science BS

School for American Crafts

Robin Cass, Administrative Chair

Ceramics and Ceramic Sculpture MFA
Glass and Glass Sculpture MFA
Metals and Jewelry Design MFA
Woodworking and Furniture Design MFA
Ceramics and Ceramic Sculpture BFA
Glass and Glass Sculpture BFA
Metals and Jewelry Design BFA
Woodworking and Furniture Design BFA
Woodworking and Furniture Design AOS

School of Art

Carole Woodlock, Administrative Chair

Fine Arts Studio MFA
Art Education MST
Fine Arts Studio BFA
Illustration BFA
Medical Illustration BFA

School of Design

Peter Byrne, Administrative Chair

Graphic Design

Chris Jackson, Graduate Director

Graphic Design MFA

Industrial Design

Stan Rickel, Graduate Director

Industrial Design MFA

Computer Graphics Design

Chris Jackson, Graduate Director

Computer Graphics Design MFA

Graphic Design

Nancy Ciolek, Program Chair

Graphic Design BFA

Industrial Design

Josh Owen, Program Chair

Industrial Design BFA

Interior Design

Nancy Chwiecko, Program Chair

Interior Design BFA

3D Digital Graphics Design

Marla Schweppe, Program Chair

3D Digital Graphics Design BFA

New Media Design and Imaging

Adam Smith, Program Chair

New Media Design BFA

School of Media Science

Christopher Bondy, Administrative Chair

Print Media

Pat Sorce, Ph.D., Program Coordinator

Print Media MS

Media Arts and Technology

Christopher Bondy, Administrative Chair

Media Arts and Technology BS

School of Photographic Arts and Sciences

Therese Mulligan, Ph.D., Administrative Chair
Michael Peres, Associate Administrative Chair

Imaging Arts MFA
Photographic Arts BFA
Photographic Sciences BS