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2014 Graduates

The list of 2014 Graduates will be posted in the coming weeks. Please check back soon.

College of Science

Sophia Maggelakis, Ph.D., Dean
Mark Fairchild, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education
Laura Tubbs, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education
Catherine Mahrt-Washington, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences

Anne M. Houtman, D.Phil., Head

Bioinformatics BS


Michael V. Osier, Ph.D., Program Director

Bioinformatics MS
Biology BS
Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience BS
Environmental Science BS

Environmental Science

Christy Tyler, Ph.D., Program Director

Environmental Science MS

School of Mathematical Sciences

Douglas S. Meadows, Ph.D., Head

Applied Mathematics BS
Applied Statistics BS
Computational Mathematics BS
Applied and Computational Mathematics MS

School of Chemistry and Materials Science

Paul A. Craig, Ph.D. Head

Biochemistry BS
Chemistry BS
Polymer Chemistry BS


Joseph Hornak, Ph.D., Program Director

Chemistry MS

Materials Science and Engineering

Kalathur V. Santhanam, Ph.D., Program Director

Materials Science and Engineering MS

School of Physics and Astronomy

Michael Kotlarchyk, Ph.D., Head

Physics BS

Astrophysical Sciences and Technology

Andrew Robinson, Ph.D., Program Director

Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Ph.D.

Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science

Stefi A. Baum, Ph.D., Director

Imaging Science

Maria Helguera, Ph.D., Program Coordinator

Imaging Science BS

Imaging Science

John Kerekes, Ph.D., Program Coordinator

Imaging Science MS

Color Science

James Ferwerda, Ph.D., Program Coordinator

Color Science MS

Imaging Science

John Kerekes, Ph.D., Program Coordinator

Imaging Science Ph.D.