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The Office of Faculty Recruitment was established in March 2002 to provide support, direction, and training to search committees conducting faculty searches. We also serve as a resource for minority and women doctoral students, and faculty interested in becoming an educator at Rochester Institute of Technology. Teaching, learning, scholarship, leadership development, and student success are the focus at RIT. Our current efforts are focused on expanding the pool of applicants by attracting underserved populations, chiefly African Americans, Latina/o Americans and Native Americans (AALANA) and women, to enrich our diverse educational community.


The mission of the Office of Faculty Recruitment is to build a relationship network with AALANA and women professionals and faculty. Every search committee will be provided with information to assist in finding AALANA and women for their pool of candidates.


  • Convey RIT's sincere commitment to diversity.
  • Begin the process of building meaningful relationships.
  • Provide guidance in targeted outreach to junior and senior faculty.
  • Recruit the best and brightest talent.
  • Reach scholars early in their doctoral programs.
  • Assist in preparing scholars for future employment with RIT.


  • Partner with deans and faculty search committees.
  • Consult with faculty on the search process.
  • Engage in strategic and innovative recruitment strategies.
  • Establish long-term relationships with graduate schools and organizations with connections to AALANA and women scholars.


Lorraine Stinebiser, Assistant Director; 585-475-5775
Fax, 585-475-4480
Renèe Baker, Executive Director; 585-475-7169
Address, 111 Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester NY, 14623
Dan Downie, Faculty Recruitment Assistant; 585-475-2967
Michelle Hall-Council, Senior Staff Assistant; 585-475-2686