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"This has been a very valuable experience in many ways. Of these probably the most important was the warm support we felt from Renee and her team. I believe they are breaking ground in minority recruiting at higher education institutions. The careful organization and attention to detail, and the time they dedicated to this event has left a strong impression on our future career explorations. RIT, the president deans and faculty, will be always the comparison point for any future job possibility."
- P. S., class of 2004

"This was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn of the process for job interviews for a faculty position. I also enjoyed meeting such warm hearted, intelligent and genuine people who seemed passionate about their work. It was an honor to be chosen. Thank you!!"
- F. W., class of 2004

"The FFCEP has been one of the best experiences of my academic career. I have been searching for a program like this for a very long time. This weekend has exceeded my expectations."
- W.V., class of 2004

"Each portion of the program was informative, insightful and helpful. I enjoyed networking with faculty & administrators, but most of all talking to some of the students."
- D. L., class of 2004

"I think the program was essentially successful. I was very impressed with the commitment to diversity." "Keep the program running!!!! I would highly recommend it, and it has been one of my most valuable experiences as a future faculty member." Best part of program: "Meeting with other people who live in the area who were either from here or moved from other areas to Rochester. It gave me a true idea of the community. The President's dinner was also a unique and delightful highlight."
- N.L., class of 2004

"RIT has certainly set the benchmark for recruiting trips. I am so glad I participated. The best part of program: "Touring the depts. and facilities. Also thoroughly enjoyed speaking w/undergrads and graduate students."
- G.H., class of 2004

"Overall, this was a great experience. The faculty, students, staff, and community members I interacted with gave me a good feeling for RIT. I couldn't have asked for more."
- E.E, class of 2004

"Overall, this was a great experience. The faculty, students, staff, and community members I interacted with gave me a good feeling for RIT. I couldn't have asked for more."
- E.E, class of 2004

"I loved it all, the talks, the meetings, the collaboration, the interaction. Keep doing it! The program was done well, its honest, and its working on so many levels!"
- M.M., class of 2004

"Overall, it was extremely beneficial as a doctoral candidate to get a chance to experience the 'interview' process."
- A. M., class of 2004


Best part of Program: "Every aspect, honestly, but the overall commitment level espoused was especially impressive."
- L.P., class of 2005

"This was a great program! I truly feel 'the good kind of tired'. The program did a great job of demonstrating the supportive nature of the RIT faculty and administrators."
- J. M., class of 2005


"Wonderful event. I received so much useful feedback and I will definitely apply (for a faculty position) next year. I am also much more confident about job talks."
- class of 2007

"Opportunity to interact with faculty and departmental staff was very beneficial. I felt the warmth and reception from the RIT community."
- class of 2007

"Time spent with the department tour and mutual exchange. It really helped to get a "feeling" of what RIT is about. It's not about the number; it's about people and making a difference not only through research but through real teaching."
- class of 2007


The best part of the program was:

  • "For me the best experience was the actual meetings and interviews with Administrators and Faculty. Interacting with them one-on-one and in the group interview gave me a good idea of the level of interest they had in my professional development if I were to apply to RIT for a Tenure track Faculty position in the future." - class of 2008
  • "Learning exactly how interested the college is in me. Also learning how truly diverse the campus is here and how I truly could feel comfortable as a faculty member here. Academia is much more appealing now that I've visited RIT." - class of 2008
  • "Interaction with the department and faculty. The Deans were very receptive and excited to have us here. That is something I don't experience a lot and it lets me know that RIT is serious about education and faculty." - class of 2008


"The FFCEP Program of 2009 left an indelible mark on me. This visit was a very rewarding experience for me because I was able to interact with a very amazing group of people, and I feel the visit at the RIT has enriched my professional life immensely."
- M.C., class of 2009

"I've attended Impact workshops & conferences but nothing like this, where you get feedback & you meet members of the Institute community like provosts, regents, deans, board of trustees; people that you hear about but ever think about meeting."
- N.D., class of 2009

"I admire you, respect you and love your passion & dedication! I think this program benefits us as future faculty, RIT as a growing and evolving university; but also 'teaches' some faculty not used to diversity to embrace it."
- N.B., class of 2009

"You are making a difference in the lives of so many people with this program. I hope more universities follow your lead. Also, I want to commend you on having such a well run organization. Your attention to detail is remarkable. Thank you for the gifts, the meals, the experience, the relationships! This has been a wonderful opportunity."
- P.O., class of 2009

"I am always hesitant to endorse efforts towards diversity because many of them are just for show but I sincerely believe in RIT's commitment to diversity. I appreciate your efforts, and whether or not my career path leads me to RIT, I am a fan of RIT and I will promote support RIT and its programs."
- L.B., class of 2009

"The program was excellent. I have been awed. The program has forced me to take seriously the possibility of teaching at RIT."
-N.P., class of 2009

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