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Administrative Unit Support and Resources

Taskstream Guidelines

The Taskstream Annual Administrative Unit Assessment Timeline Recommendations Cycle Sample is designed to help you plan your assessment process.


AMS training consists of the initial System Overview Training session, followed by customized sessions that you may need, and ongoing training to expand your use of the system. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AMS Coordinator. We will work with you to help you through the various levels of training.

First Look into AMS – System Overview Training

  • Obtain approval(s) to use AMS
  • Contact the AMS Coordinator
  • Attend the AMS System Overview training
  • Use AMS

Customized and Ongoing Training

Please contact the AMS Coordinator with your specific training needs. We provide ongoing training to support your use of the AMS software. Some of the types of training sessions we offer:

  • Refresher course based on the System Overview training
  • Customized topics to meet your needs
  • New and Advanced Features

FAQs for Administrative Units


Should you have any questions or issues with AMS, please contact the AMS Coordinator. The AMS Coordinator is the liaison to college programs and administrative units.

AMS Coordinator:
Grace Rubin