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Note: during March and April the HSRO receives a large spike in the volume of research activities requiring review.   Please consult the Checklist on the Forms page to make sure your submission is complete and follow the directions on the top of the Form A when submitting.  Initial review times are an estimate and will increase to accommodate the volume. Thank you for helping us complete the review process as quickly as possible.


Welcome to the website for faculty, staff, and students who conduct research with human subjects. The resources on this site are designed to help Investigators secure approval to conduct research with human subjects and carry out their work in an ethical manner.

To get started please go to “Protecting Human Subjects at RIT”.  You will find general information about submitting human subjects research activities as well as criteria for approval and guidance for conducting your research.

To submit your research activity for review:

  1. Send an electronic version of the Form A and all supporting materials to AND,
  2. Provide a signed hard copy of the Form A and all supporting materials to the Human Subjects Research Office, located on the 2nd floor of the University Services Center, Suite 2400.  Review WILL NOT begin until the signed hard copy is received.

Questions regarding Forms and the status and submission of new and continuing research protocols should be directed to the Human Subjects Research Office at

Questions regarding research activities, determining whether an activity requires review by the IRB, and training should be directed to:

Heather Foti, MPH
Associate Director

Office location            Bldg 17, Office 3619, Mezzanine level
Ph: (585) 475-7673
Fax: (585) 475-7990

Mailing address:        ALL IRB related materials should be sent to (or dropped off at) the HSRO at

Human Subjects Research Office (HSRO) Bldg 87, 2nd Floor Administrative Services Building/Innovation Center, Suite 2400