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RIT & Rochester Regional Health Alliance

Volunteers can find openings at many different locations throughout Monroe County, including Rochester General, Unity Hospital, the St. Mary's Campus, outpatient facilities and senior living centers.

Students who plan to spend time at Rochester Regional Health through academic programs, research projects, etc. are required to meet specific requirements that include a health review questionnaire, PPD skin tests (for tuberculosis), and drug tests.  In addition, a brief orientation and post-test are also required to ensure that volunteers have a clear understanding of the RRH environment, culture, ethics and standards of respect, patient safety and clinical excellence.  Completion of this process could take a few weeks, depending on time required to obtain your health records and completing the PPD and drug testing.  Please plan ahead if you intend to get involved in a project or program, or simply wish to volunteer. 

The links below will guide you through the process.

Volunteer Offices for process/onboarding