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RIT & Rochester Regional Health Alliance


IdeaLab@RIT and Rochester Regional Health partner in a team effort to solve healthcare issues. Student teams devise some workable concepts that will be further developed in RIT’s ‘IdeaMake’.

A two-day brainstorming marathon where four teams of RIT students and their coaches had a common goal—to work on problem-solving solutions for Rochester Regional Health.

Below are their solutions to the following problems identified by Rochester Regional Health:

  • Urgent Care Efficiency: Team recommended several changes to streamline check in and reduce wait time with smartphone and kiosk access.
  • Stroke Patient Body Position Correction: Team devised high- and low-tech solutions including a prototype vest with a sensor that would warn the patient favoring a body side with an audible or vibrational device.
  • Bi-Directional Interpreting Solutions: Team proposed a training kiosk for patients new to the U.S. medical system to pre-screen and reduce the uncertainty of the process for patients.
  • Custom Ankle-Foot Orthosis: Team offered multiple prototype designs personalized for patients at various phases of their rehabilitation.