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RIT & Rochester Regional Health Alliance

This new 45,000 square foot Clinical Health Sciences Center is dedicated to advancing and supporting the education of RIT’s students in the College of Health Sciences and Technology.

Home to the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition, physician assistant, behavioral health programs, and diagnostic medical sonography, it also houses the Rochester Regional Health Family Medicine, a primary care practice for RIT faculty, staff, and families and members of the surrounding community. This new center increases our ability to provide quality healthcare education through state-of-the-art lecture rooms, practice areas and simulated clinical settings for physician assistant students that will give them experience responding to clinical and critical-care scenarios before their clinical rotations in the community.  It also includes simulated sonography suites for ultrasound students which provides hands-on experience with the latest product designs leading to improved patient care and a better work experience for sonographers.

The Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition in the Center includes a classroom and research labs to support our nutrition management degree, a new program in exercise science and graduate level programs under development. Additionally, the Center supports our research efforts in behavioral health, including future clinical activity to develop new programs to teach integration of wellness and behavior modification into primary medical care.

The co-location of Rochester Regional Family Medicine provides a future site for practical clinical education and research into approaches to improve primary care delivery, and opportunities to integrate behavioral health into primary care in innovative ways--a major national focus in health care. The Rochester Regional Family Medicine practice extends our alliance and our focus on education related to wellness and preventive approaches to maintaining and enhancing population health. 

Altogether, this new Center will significantly enhance RIT’s delivery of education that will drive high quality patient care, healthcare innovation, and applied biomedical research that will form the foundation of the modern healthcare systems of tomorrow.