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Priority Behavioral Health & Clinical Psychology Internship


Primary placement at the Priority Behavioral Health Internship Program at the College of Health Science and Technology (CHST) of RIT offers training in both the areas of assessment and evidenced-based interventions for clients in community mental health facilities, inpatient psychiatric settings, residential facilities and school-based clinics and/or exposure to offender populations. CHST’s Priority Behavioral Health Internship program provides training across clinical and community settings. The training program represents a cooperative endeavor between the School of Behavioral Health at CHST and the following clinical placement sites: Rochester Regional Health Care System, Hillside Family of Agencies and CCSI (Coordinated Care Services Incorporated). Interns have the opportunity to work with clinical experts, nationally and internationally recognized experts in mental health treatment, substance use treatment and research as well as exposure to forensic psychiatry. This placement affords experiences in the use of advancements in technology & interactive platforms, use of evidenced-based clinical assessments & interventions, exposure to forensic populations, and scholarly achievements. Our training and education program is dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders in the field using innovative and advanced technologies (e.g, telehealth and technology-assisted interactive tools for clients), a trademark of RIT. Our main mission is to train our interns to deliver the best care in the most comprehensive and efficient manner while assessing client-centered satisfaction and improvement in health. RIT is ranked in the United States News and World Report as “top 10” in outstanding programs offered and has gained a global reputation for advancements in innovation, science, and technology across the healthcare field. Such advancements have helped us grow our programming to include a recently built family medical practice on campus in collaboration with Rochester Regional Health. It has also led to the development of a School of Behavioral Health, a Behavioral Health Clinic on campus and a formal clinical psychology internship program. The internship program has APPIC membership and is recently APA accredited.

This internship year is first and foremost a supervised, intensive, experiential learning opportunity focused on the delivery of psychological services. The program embraces a scientist-practitioner model in which theory and evidence routinely inform professional practice and each intern has protected time to pursue a scholarly activity that can center on research, program evaluation, clinical care, or education. The training is competency based. All interns in the internship program receive training in clinical, community psychology and school-based programs. A priority is placed on professional development, including assistance to doctoral fellows in securing opportunities after internship such as post-doctoral fellowships and employment. Our clinical sites have an interest in hiring the next generation of leaders.

Also, our internship program embraces comprehensive and periodic self-evaluation to promote constant improvements in the competencies and quality of the internship program and the interns’ experience.

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