Fitness Lab Equipment

The Human Movement Lab houses state-of-the-art equipment utilized by exercise science students to gain hands-on experience conducting fitness assessments and testing. Fitness services, such as fitness assessments, are also provided by exercise science students to the RIT community.

Motion Capture cameras on tripods surround an athlete while technician uses data at computer workstation.

VICON Motion Capture System

VICON Motion Capture System provides computerized imagery for the analysis of human motion.

Student wearing the COSMED K5 metabolic assessment device

COSMED K5 Metabolic Assessment Device

The COSMED K5 is a wearable system designed for the measurement of metabolic parameters such as VO2, VCO2, Ventilation, HR, energy expenditure, either in the field or in the laboratory.

Parvo medical computer on a stand

Parvo Medics True One 2400

Parvo Medics’ TrueOne® 2400 is a compact, integrated metabolic measurement system for cardiopulmonary stress testing, indirect calorimetry, and maximal O2 consumption measurement.

Athlete running on a treadmill with diagnostic equipment attached.

Trackmaster Treadmill

With speed and grade integrated into the controls of the Parvo Medics metabolic measurement device graduated protocols can be administered during exercise assessments.

Athlete on a stationary bike while being observed by 2 others

Monark 828 E

Workload resistance can be infinitely adjusted allowing exercise assessment to be conducted following a wide variety of protocols.  This versatile tool can be used to assess athletic performance as well as fitness testing for the general population.

Athlete on a rowing machine

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Ergometer

Simulated rowing is an excellent activity for the assessment of both aerobic and anaerobic capacity.  RIT has an excellent crew program and the Fitness Lab is proud to support these outstanding athletes with assessment services.

Student in a pool sitting on a weighing device

Hydrostatic body composition assessment equipment

Hydrostatic underwater weighing is a method of determining body composition (body fat to lean mass).

Student holding the Omron monitor

Omron HBF-306

The Omron HBF-306 monitor is utilized to quickly and easily measure a person’s body fat percentage and body mass.

Student athlete testing their vertical jump

Vertec Jump Assessment

An easy to use, accurate and portable device to measure a person’s vertical jump height.

Student jumping in the air while being monitored

Probotics Just Jump

The Just Jump handheld computer is part of a revolutionary system for measuring several key parameters of leg strength, including vertical jump height, lateral movement, explosive leg power, sprint times and plyometric jumps.

Student getting the back of their arm measured with calipers

Lange Skinfold Calipers

The Lange Skinfold Caliper is an efficient tool used to determine a person’s body fat through skinfold measurement.

Display of the nova biomedical lactate plus

Nova Biomedical Lactate Plus

Lactate Plus measures blood lactate (muscle performance indicator) using a tiny drop of blood. Lactate is the premier indicator of the anaerobic threshold and a key predictor of competitive performance in aerobic athletes.

Athlete testing her flexibility with the accuflex sit and reach device

Accuflex Sit and Reach Device

The sit and reach test is a common measure of flexibility, and specifically measures the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles.

Stadiometer machine

Seca 220 Weight Scale and Stadiometer

Body weight and height are precisely measured using the Seca 220.

ADC Vertical Mercury Sphygmomanometer

ADC Vertical Mercury Sphygmomanometer

This device is for the assessment of blood pressure.  In spite of the proliferation of excellent electronic blood pressure measurement tools, students learn about the hemodynamic principles involved in the assessment of blood pressure by mastering the technique with this classic device.