Yong Tai Wang

Dean, College of Health Sciences and Technology


Innovating technologies that advance medicine and patient care

The College of Health Sciences and Technology is the heart of health and medical studies at RIT. We combine the innovative technology and creativity RIT is known for with the latest in medical advancements to educate future health care professionals. Here you will gain a rich and comprehensive understanding of the health sciences while engaging in opportunities to help shape the development and application of new technologies in health care delivery and patient care.

Progressive degree programs

Health care is a growing and ever-changing field. As such, our degree programs build upon the latest findings in medical interventions, health care delivery, and patient care to prepare you for success in the workforce or in graduate study. From medical device development and diagnostic imaging to telemedicine, technology is impacting health care. At RIT, you’ll be immersed in a creative, innovative environment where students are helping to develop the technologies found at the convergence of medicine and technology. Our combination of health care curriculum and technical knowledge enables you to learn and adapt the latest innovations to your health care studies. Our students are passionate about enhancing patient care and health care delivery while making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and their entire community. I am continually amazed by their dedication and commitment.

Driving health care research

Our faculty actively pursue research that impacts the next big advancements in health care, and you’ll be on the front lines helping them develop the latest breakthroughs. Across RIT, ongoing research in areas such as infectious disease control, immunology, cancer, cardio­vascular disease, behavioral health, health systems engineering, biotechnology, bioengineering, imaging science, deaf technologies, medical devices, and more presents limitless opportunities for investigation, discovery, and achievement.

Visionary partnership

RIT and Rochester Regional Health (a leading health system in the region with multiple hospitals and outpatient practices) have joined forces to form the RIT/RRH Alliance, a powerful collaboration dedicated to innovation in medical care, education, and research. This alliance provides you with opportunities to be mentored by practicing doctors, nurses, and technicians; to engage in hands-on clinical and patient care experiences; and to participate in research opportunities that seek to understand health care challenges and develop remarkable solutions. 

Building opportunities

In the pursuit of delivering significant life-changing interventions, CHST collaborates with RIT’s other colleges to offer additional degree programs related to health and medicine. For example, patient care is combined with technology to create majors such as health informatics, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, and biotechnology and molecular bioscience. These academic partnerships offer unequaled learning potential, engagement with outside faculty, and a wide variety of experiential and research opportunities. Together, CHST and our RIT college partnerships form a living/learning health and medical education powerhouse.

I encourage you to explore the health sciences at RIT. We would be delighted to welcome you into one of our exciting programs.

Yong Tai Wang, Ph.D., FACSM
College of Health Sciences and Technology

Leadership Team

Yong Tai Wang
Dean, College of Health Sciences and Technology
Kristen Waterstram-Rich
Interim Associate Dean

Interim Associate Dean

Barbara Lohse
Department Head, Wegmans School for Health and Nutrition
Hamad Ghazle
Department Head of Clinical Health Professions
James Perkins
Department Head of Medical Sciences, Health and Management
Christie Lutzer
Administrative Assistant II