Experiential Learning

RIT is a firm believer in the value of moving students outside of the classroom to gain hands-on experiences in their major.

Experiential learning at the College of Health Sciences and Technology comes in many forms, including clinicals, co-ops, internships, study abroad experiences, faculty-led excursions, and community partnerships. These experiences will be of great benefit to you as you seek to develop your skills, network, and job-search.

Faculty and students in CHST are experiencing more opportunities for interdisciplinary research and experiential learning locally, nationally and globally in the areas of health, nutrition, exercise, food studies, and many others than ever before. There’s never been a better time to put theory into practice all while making the world a better place!

Clinical Rotations and Internships

a hand holding metal medical tongs, with other tweezers on a desk in front of the hands

Mandatory clinical internships are essential components of RIT’s diagnostic medical sonography and physician assistant programs, with specific requirements dictated by the professional licensing bodies. RIT’s relationships with Rochester Regional Health System and the University of Rochester Medical Center give RIT students hands-on clinical experience in hospital-based and ambulatory patient care settings.

Global Experience

a woman holding up a measuring device on the arm of a small child

To prepare you for success in today’s global society, RIT offers a range of exciting study abroad opportunities to give you insight into global health issues and how they are approached and solved throughout the world.
College of Health Sciences students who recently studied abroad:

  • Collected field data in Ghana for research on childhood anemia prevention. Learn more: Students study anemia in Ghana.
  • Gained hands-on experience in diagnostic and research techniques used in the study of viruses while in Australia.
  • Examined patient case studies related to neurological disease diagnosis and treatment in Denmark.
  • Completed courses towards an immersion in Psychology in Croatia.

RIT has more than 600 study abroad programs in 60 countries for as short as one week to as long as a full year. Programs offer a variety of locations, course offerings, and costs. Start exploring programs in the study abroad Compass.
More information about study abroad for College of Health Sciences students.

Health Coaching

a patient and a smiling nurse sitting on a bed in a white room

RIT students considering healthcare careers are participating in a program designed to help frail patients continue to live in their homes. As health coaches, students remind patients to take their medicine, exercise and eat nutritiously. They also listen to their clients’ concerns and questions, which in turn helps the coaches identify potential issues that might require additional medical care. The experiential learning benefits patients, students and reduces recurring emergency-care visits.

Student health coaches link patients, physicians

Exercise Science

an exercise room with people doing various lifting and balance exercises

The exercise science field applies health, fitness, physiology, biomechanics and psychology with different goals: enhancing athletic performance and managing disease through exercise. RIT’s bachelor’s degree in exercise science provides students with academic training and practical experiences, right on campus. Exercise science majors can gain practical experience through RIT’s student wellness and Better Me employee wellness initiatives. Students who become certified personal trainers through the American College of Sports Medicine can take advantage of opportunities to use their skills on campus to help people improve their health and fitness.

Exercise Science Program

Priority Behavioral Health and Clinical Psychology Internship

a woman smiling with her arms crossed in an office setting

Priority Behavioral Health Internship program provides training across clinical and community settings. Interns have the opportunity to work with clinical experts, nationally and internationally recognized experts in mental health treatment, substance use treatment and research as well as exposure to forensic psychiatry. This internship year is first and foremost a supervised, intensive, experiential learning opportunity focused on the delivery of psychological services. The program embraces a scientist-practitioner model in which theory and evidence routinely inform professional practice and each intern has protected time to pursue a scholarly activity that can center on research, program evaluation, clinical care, or education.
CHST Priority Behavioral Health Clinic Brochure

Learn more about this internship

Local and Regional Partnerships

Students in the College of Health Sciences and Technology are experiencing more opportunities for interdisciplinary experiential learning and research locally, nationally and globally in the areas of health, nutrition, exercise, food studies, and many others than ever before by working with industry partners. There’s never been a better time to put theory into practice.

In addition to Rochester Regional Health System and the University of Rochester Medical Center, CHST maintains partnerships with a variety of organizations throughout the area, including Wegmans Food Markets, Foodlink, the Al Sigl Center and the Canandaigua Veterans Affairs Medical Center, to name a few.

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