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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I guaranteed a co-op job?

No. But, remember the Office of Co-op and Career Services does guarantee we will help you in any way we can with your search. By being flexible on your expectations and fully utilizing the resources available to you, you will become skilled in successfully conducting your job search.

Q: Do I receive credit for co-op?

Standard academic credit is not given for co-op. However, you earn "credit" in that your department assigns a grade of "S" when you have met all of their requirements and have successfully completed your co-op assignment.

Q: Do I pay tuition for co-op?

You do not pay tuition or any institute fees while on co-op even though you remain eligible to utilize all the facilities and services of the Institute.

Q: How do I let RIT know where I will be working?

Please see the typical steps for co-op placements

Q: How much do I get paid?

It is ultimately up to the employer, but they often base it upon comparable co-op salaries and a candidate's experience. There may be room for negotiation. Your employer also determines eligibility for benefits, if any. 

Q: What type of work qualifies for co-op?

You should strive to be in a position that will give you hands-on experience that you have never had before. If you obtain a co-op position on your own and are not sure if it is acceptable, see your faculty advisor before accepting the job. Keep in mind that if the job meets the criteria it doesn't matter if a company calls the job an internship or temporary employment.

Q: What if I don't get a co-op job?

See your program coordinator as soon as you feel anxious about your co-op job search. We can evaluate your search, make suggestions, and provide additional services that will assist you in meeting your goal. As a last resort, if co-op is mandatory for your program, a discussion with your academic department may be in order.